‘All of Me’ receives great feedback online
The fantasy-drama series All of Me starring Albert Martinez, Yen Santos, and JM de Guzman premiered on Kapamilya Gold last Monday, August 31.

The heart-warming show started with a middle-aged man named Manuel (played by Albert Martinez) being shot in the middle of a forest one stormy night. He then falls into a magical lake and regains his youth.

Perplexed about what happened, a young Manuel (played by JM de Guzman) pleaded with the fairy who appeared before him, to return him to his old self. However, the fairy cannot do that and instead, asked him who he is. Manuel then began narrating his life story to the mystical creature.

He returned to 1965 and recalled a kind-hearted boy who dreamt of becoming a doctor. He lived with his mother and got close to a doctor named Vicente. Circumstances led Manuel to separate with his friend while his mother eventually died.

Consequently, Manuel became a successful doctor. He even established a hospital in memory of his mother. He met his wife and brought her to his island. Unfortunately, his wife succumbed to cancer.

Heartbroken, Manuel entrusted his hospital to Henry (played by Arron Villaflor) and decided to stay on the island where he met Lena (played by Yen Santos).

At first, Manuel was irritated at Lena’s talkativeness but because she got stranded in the island, he was forced to live with her.

Manuel and Lena’s relationship did not go well as they kept on arguing until Lena got to leave the island.

One morning while Manuel was buying his supplies at the market, he encountered a woman who fainted. Because there was no doctor around, he decided to practice his profession again.

Unknown to him, the woman was Lena’s mother. This marked the beginning of their friendship as Manuel decided to become a doctor again in their community clinic.

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