Toplist Becca’s Unrequited Love for Dave

Becca (Aya Fernandez)’s commanding beauty and natural insecurities make her come off as a ‘kontrabida.’ But, to be fair, we can tell all she’s trying to do is love Dave (Sam Milby) and keep him. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we feature Becca and the scenes showing how much she loves Dave – even if he may never love her back the way she does.

Becca came at the right time when Dave was learning to adjust to his life in the States. She was there to keep him from obsessing over the past, although there are parts of it he may never learn to let go of. Things were rosy, at least from Becca’s perspective. She had no clue Dave is seeing Cherry (Ivana Alawi), his first love, in her as they spend the night together.

She proved her willingness to sacrifice by coming home with Dave in time for Cherry and Paco (Gerald Anderson)’s wedding. Call it female instinct but she smelled Cherry as a threat. Despite the jealousy and Dave being so elusive when asked about Cherry, Becca remained motivated to stick with him no matter what. Her hunches and little feelings of insecurity, she can easily ignore them, what matters is she’s with him. She offered herself as Dave’s rock amid the Estrellas' family problems and Fred (Edu Manzano)’s loss, even if deep inside she has reasons to crumble too.

She would fit herself, her “city girl” soul into his world of horses and cattle. She would sleep on a camping pad under the stars even if it makes her feel sick because she’s not used to it. She would stay wherever Dave is – because that’s what we do for love.

Then, she realized somehow something has changed. Dave uttered Cherry’s name at night while dreaming, and their past seems to start taking a lot of his attention. He scrapped a huge contract deal in the states, a project he and Becca have been waiting for, to stay with his brothers especially Drew (Jameson Blake). This led to a heated argument.

When Dave said Becca would never understand the weight of his responsibility for his younger sibling, she retorted that she is willing to understand everything. But he wouldn’t let her by keeping secrets.

Then, one day, it just hit her. Becca cried it out in a scene, telling Dave that maybe she’s been stupid for trying to be patient with him, take care of him, and stay with him. Honestly, she can easily leave Dave and go on with her life, but she stayed because he asked her to. She wanted to go at that moment but Dave apologized, and that was enough to convince her to try again.

Becca decided to relocate and be with Dave. For him, she’s willing to switch directions and bring her New Yorker dreams to his cowboy world. If it doesn’t fit, she’d find a way, which is why she opened a resort in town. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll look for things to do. Besides, home is wherever you are, babe,” she told him, then, they smiled at each other.

Becca assumed that things are falling into place. She has no clue that Dave still thinks of his first love when he’s with her.

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