Toplist A Family Affair Sexy Scenes

Ever since it premiered a month ago, A Family Affair has indeed never failed to stir us with its interesting narrative, intense dramatic and confrontation scenes, and the impressive performances of its actors. 

While we’re already drawn to the journey of Ivana Alawi’s seductive yet endearing character Cherry Red and of the dashing Estrella brothers comprised of Dave (Sam Milby), Paco (Gerald Anderson), Seb (Jake Ejercito), and Drew (Jameson Blake), avid viewers will arguably agree that the sexy scenes in between are what make our primetime viewing extra hotter and more exciting. 

And in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist, let’s look back on 10 of the hottest, intimate scenes in A Family Affair that indeed got us more hooked!

Just on the first week, many of us were probably dumbfounded upon seeing the series of scenes that made us assume that this is going to make our nights scorching.

On the pilot episode, we were as equally shocked as Cherry Red when she caught the naughty Seb “doing the deed” inside the stable with one of the girls from their hacienda. But Cherry also had her moment to tease the viewers as she was shown taking a bath fully naked, yet without showing her private parts, of course. 

It was a delight to watch Cherry playing with Estrella brothers in the water during their first trip to the beach together after a few years. And as Dave went back to the shore and Cherry followed suit, he couldn’t help but stare at her as she waded her way towards his direction.

Cherry once again had a bathing scene, but this time less revealing than the first. As the memory of her first kiss with Dave flashed back on her after their heart-shattering breakup, she got inevitably sad. 

Even though he left their town and flew to a big city in the United States in pursuit of getting away from the trouble he got involved with youngest brother Drew and their father Freddie (Edu Manzano) and forgetting her feelings for Cherry, it’s apparently impossible for him. She still occupies his fantasies, even after making love with Becca (Aya Fernandez), his newfound friend-turned-flame. 

And it seems that it’s not only Dave who has a hidden desire on Cherry Red as Drew discreetly gazed at her as she wiped herself with wet face towel inside the powder room.

Of course, nothing beats the tastefully done steamy honeymoon of Paco and Cherry, which surely stirred viewers and make us arguably look forward on the their sweet, kilig lovemaking as a married couple in the episodes to come.
And just recently, Cherry had a bathing scene again during the Estrella family’s beach camping, in which Paco caught Dave intently watching her, which ensued to their fight.

Are you excited as us to see more artistically executed intimate scenes among the lead characters? Well, you better not miss an episode of A Family Affair, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z and iWantTFC.