Hotspot Jameson Aya Claire Rans

In the past two months that A Family Affair has been on-air, it has been well-received by the Kapamilya viewers not only because of its exciting and unique narrative, but of its admirable (or even despicable) characters as well. 

And in the latest episode of Hotspot on Tuesday, September 13, four of its stellar cast – Jameson Blake, Rans Rifol, Aya Fernandez, and Claire Ruiz – enthusiastically conveyed how they feel about the mixed, amusing, and even touching reactions they personally got from avid viewers they’ve encountered online and in the flesh.

As she plays the playful seductress Florabelle Ramirez, Claire confessed that she initially assumed that nobody would adore her character. However, this made her realize that the people’s irate reactions towards Florabelle is a sign that her performance has been effective, to which she’s very much grateful. She also disclosed getting irritated to her character every time she watches herself on the show and bashing her when she and Rans throw lines on the set.

While she seems to ace her performance, Claire revealed that she actually had a hard time at first in portraying this kind of character since she’s used to pa-tweetums or “mean girl” roles, just like her stint in the 2012 daytime drama Be Careful With My Heart.

Jameson, on the other hand, is happy with the viewers’ encouraging response as he tends to receive remarks on why his character Drew killed Mang Panyong (Lito Pimentel) from people he meets around ABS-CBN compound and at the gym – to which he would just play around.

Rans, meanwhile, feels blessed and thankful that she gets to work with talented actors like her co-stars in A Family Affair from whom she has learned a lot. It also makes her happy that some of the viewers send her messages pertaining to her character Coleen’s relationship with Seb (Jake Ejercito), which only means that they are religiously watching the show.

Aya then shared how she was touched when a cashier at the grocery she went to told her that watching the series is their form of stress-reliever after a hard day’s work. At the same time, she’s glad that she is able to achieve what she wants with her character Becca, which is to both stir the people and make them understand where she is coming from. Thus, she’s thankful to her co-actors and their directors for helping her turn her goal into a possibility.

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