Jake Ejercito, Jameson Blake on playing the ‘wild child’ and the ‘black sheep’ in A Family Affair

Among the Estrella Brothers in the upcoming series “A Family Affair,” Jake Ejercito portrays the wild child while Jameson Blake is the black sheep. The characters appear too daunting to portray but Jake and Jameson love what they do and are eager to grow more as actors, therefore up for the challenge.

In a bloggers conference, Jameson was asked how his take on Drew Estrella differs from his other ‘dark’ on-screen personas. He said he studies the root of every character’s struggle and builds it from there. To recall, Jameson previously portrayed multi-faceted roles such as in "Ngayon at Kailanman" but Drew will be different, and one factor why is the “family” milieu in the story, plus the sexy element.

Jameson described his role as exhausting, “Playing heavy scenes, you really have to prepare for it. Somehow I’m going through something as my character, so I really have to put my focus, to stay in the moment as much as possible.”

From a charming third wheel in Marry Me, Marry You to a mature suitor in The Broken Marriage Vow,” Jake is set to get more daring in A Family Affair” as Seb Estrella. The main reason he accepted this project is the plot itself. He couldn’t get enough of the script the first time it landed on his lap. Besides, he’s grateful for every opportunity given by ABS-CBN and he’s now more comfortable in front of the cameras. Jake, who smiles sheepishly when dubbed as an in-demand Kapamilya actor, is discovering how big his passion is for acting.

It’s also worth noting how they enjoy work because of their off-screen camaraderie. According to Jameson, age is not a problem on set. He may be the youngest but his co-stars make him feel comfortable. Sometimes the boys would play basketball. He mentioned that the more senior Estrellas, Gerald Anderson and Sam Milby, are generous with advice.

It’s also not that difficult to see Jake and Jameson’s closeness. They are roommates since the first taping cycle, hence the banter and bond. Jake would even joke about Jameson stealing his breakfast and taping chair.

We're yet to know how far can the Estrellas go when it comes to sacrifices and family conflict. But in real life, we witness Jake expressing his beliefs, as if defying old family traditions. When asked about this, Jake had a smart answer. He said he’s grateful to his family. However, he also has to create his own identity, and that includes his own belief system.

“Obviously, I have a lot to thank my family for. I am who I am because of my parents and relatives. But at the end of the day, I am my own person and I want to leave my own mark in the world,” expressed Jake. He’d admit it’s not easy to go against family traditions but it can be done with the right amount of communication, love, trust, and respect. 

Now we're curious to know how his family reacted to his new role and sizzling scene included in the trailer. Jake revealed that his mom was shocked yet excited to watch the series.

Related to the topic, adoring female fans want to know if Jake has plans of having his “family” soon. He said he’s content with just Ellie, his daughter, meaning he has no plans of getting into a romantic relationship yet.

Catch Jake and Jameson in A Family Affair,” also starring Gerald Anderson, Sam Milby, and Ivana Alawi, coming this June 27, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.