5 times the Estrella brothers conspired against Cherry Red in “A Family Affair”

The Estrella brothers and Cherry Red (Ivana Alawi) grew up caring for one another. Recently though, the mood at the Estrella abode is getting dark as brothers Dave (Sam Milby), Paco (Gerald Anderson), Seb (Jake Ejercito), and Drew (Jameson Blake) conspired to protect their family’s dark secrets connected to the death of Cherry’s parents. Watch how they joined forces against her via this Friday 5 video from A Family Affair.

The siblings knew karma is doomed to happen when Cherry discovered a letter that confirms Freddie (Edu Manzano)’s involvement in the killing of her mother. To save themselves from her wrath, they decided it would be best to unite in keeping the truth from her. Things seemed to be in their favor as Cherry suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to a recent kidnapping. They will use the symptoms to further sow doubts in her mind.

They gaslighted Cherry as she rummages through Paco’s office for the letter, which they said doesn’t really exist. They made it appear like she is imagining things.  When she said they are ganging up on her, they retorted that they are simply concerned.

She made a scene during Dave and Becca (Aya Fernandez)’s wedding reception in an attempt to reveal the Estrellas’ mortal scene. But nobody believed her, especially not the four brothers, who remained silent.

Cherry tried to search for the letter again. However, she was easily manipulated by Dave, who insinuated that her distorted memories might just be an effect of her constant encounters with Mang Lando. The story turned around in an instant when Cherry saw their photos as kids. She recalled their happy moments together, specifically the time she received a birthday gift from the brothers. And just like that, she felt a little guilty for accusing the men who gave her a new family.

In the next scene, Paco told Cherry a different version of what happened on the day she found the letter. He said they were coming out of the room when Cherry accidentally shoved the documents on the side table. She had a panic attack and ran outside the room gasping for air until she fainted and fell down the stairs.

It is said that no secret can be kept forever. Haunted by his conscience and love for his wife, Paco secretly left the letter for Cherry to read. He talked to himself that he is ready to suffer the kind of vengeance Cherry chooses.

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