5 scenes showing how Paco, Cherry, and Dave got entangled in a love triangle in A Family Affair

As the plot thickens in A Family Affair, viewers also got torn choosing who between Paco (Gerald Anderson) and Dave (Sam Milby) is the best guy for Cherry Red (Ivana Alawi). Re-watch how their love triangle unfolded via this edition of Friday 5.

The first scene in this video montage shows the Estrella Brothers – Dave, Paco, Seb (Jake Ejercito), and Drew (Jameson Blake) – playing with Cherry Red on the beach. Paco and David looked at her with sensuality. As one of them gets close to her, the other would display pent-up jealousy.  

The earlier episodes witnessed Dave’s homecoming, which sparked off sexual tension between him and Cherry Red. Flashbacks would then reveal their romantic past. We learned the two had an understanding. Before Dave left for the States, they made an unspoken promise to wait for the perfect time, when he gets back. He kissed her on the lips, and they both knew what that meant.

Before Dave’s flight, he was supposed to formalize their ‘promise,’ as implied by him holding a necklace with a heart pendant during the party or what the townsfolk call ‘sayawan.’ But he witnessed Cherry Red and Paco enjoying each other’s company. He also caught Paco confessing to Cherry Red.

Dave, as the elder sibling, chose to give way. So, when it was time for him to leave, he didn’t even want to bid Cherry Red goodbye. She ran after his car. He stopped to talk with her and the conversation was quick and cold. Dave just told Cherry Red to look after his siblings; there was a slight pull in the manner he uttered Paco’s name.

The rivalry is again triggered as David returned home. He and Cherry Red were assigned to fix the ranch workers’ problem, giving them chances to get closer again. Even the townspeople are rooting for them. In the last scene, Cherry Red chose Dave over Paco, resulting in a brawl between the brothers.

Dave said he tried to forget Cherry as he does not want to ruin his relationship with Paco. However, love has a taste no man can resist. Somebody has to give way, and at that moment, we know it wasn’t going to be Dave.

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