15 times Jameson Blake impressed with his versatility in “A Family Affair”

One moment he’s the endearing ‘bunso’ of the Estrella brood, then he’s roguish and dangerous the next. Drew is a rollercoaster of emotions, and the way Jameson Blake breathes life to the character is on point as if the hot-and-cold psyche is knitted to his own flesh.

He looks gentle, sure, but proving his versatility at this period in his career, Jameson sheds the sweet boy-next-door image to impress with a multifaceted portrayal of a seemingly good guy haunted by dark secrets in A Family Affair. “

This Kapamilya Toplist video, collating Jameson's best scenes in the series, opens with Drew crying out the pain of living with a dysfunctional family. It was interspersed with flashbacks of younger Drew (Robbie Wachtel) seeking comfort from his brother Dave (Anthony Jennings), fearful and looking for their mom Carol (Dawn Zulueta). Back to the present time, Drew says he has felt estranged since their mother left.

Coping, he turned to drugs, which resulted in irrational thoughts and aggression. He clashed with Mang Panyong (Lito Pimentel), who caught him sneaking into his father, Freddie (Edu Manzano)’s office. Thinking that Panyong will report to Freddie, Drew repeatedly hit and killed him on the spot. The scene cuts to Drew on the roadside, agitated. Then, he immediately sought comfort from Dave (Sam Milby) as the latter comes to the rescue.

This phase in the story was a highlight of Jameson’s believable acting. Drew appeared insane yet effectively vulnerable as he clings to his Kuya Dave, reminiscent of their younger years. The flashback that established Dave and Drew’s close relationship as kids adds a more compelling effect to the scene.

Jameson meticulously built his character’s nuances even the seemingly trivial movements are noticeable. In a scene, he confessed his crime to Freddie while Dave mediates between them. The way Drew latched onto Dave’s arm spoke of how scared the character was to receive his father’s wrath.

They arrived at a resolution but living has become more difficult for Drew. He gets nightmares at night. He sees hallucinations and smashed the mirror one time. Jameson also shines in his dramatic moments with Sam Milby and Gerald Anderson as his older brothers. In such scenes, Jameson coats his character with vulnerability. Traces of that scared little boy looking for mom can be seen on his face.

As the narrative progressed, Drew gets his second chance thanks to Dave’s patience and help. However, he finds it hard to live a normal life due to his dark secrets. He was easily rattled when Dave seemingly had conscience and passed his inherited properties to Cherry. He was scared Dave might sell him out soon.

The past intertwined with the present because of Mang Lando (Jonic Magno), who holds a letter that reveals the truth about the death of Cherry Red’s mother. Drew was again enveloped in panic when Lando rushed to the mansion looking for the letter and turned more violent upon seeing him. The paranoia was believable when he talked to Dave about the possibility of Paco learning about his sin.

Also, part of his evolution as an actor is being more daring. In the series, Jameson shares a sizzling kissing scene with Heaven Peralejo, who plays Tori, Drew’s secretary. In that scene, Drew and Tori share a light conversation after he drove her home. He asked if she likes him, and she said yes, paving the way for that kiss.

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