15 scenes of Seb and Coleen’s love story in “A Family Affair”

Sparks fly between Seb (Jake Ejercito) and Coleen (Rans Rifol) during their first meeting. Then they fall in love and get married. However, a mortal sin would threaten to break their marriage. As the drama in their relationship continues, we just feel like missing their sweet days together, which is why Kapamilya Toplist collated the scenes that captured Seb and Coleen’s love journey in A Family Affair.

It can’t be denied that Seb can easily get the woman he likes. His strong charisma is imprinted in his DNA as an Estrella. But, Coleen was far different from the girls boldly chasing him. In fact, he had a hard time getting to know just her name. In the first scene, Seb remembered Coleen as Cherry Red (Ivana Alawi)’s best friend, so he invited her to his band’s next gig but she went home instead.

He saw her selling barbecue nearby. He handed her a concert ticket, which she sold to another fan. Seb’s charming tactics didn’t work on Coleen. But thanks to his persistence, she was convinced to watch his band play. She said it was all for the love of music. But she must admit he had a good performance. It rained, so Seb brought Coleen to his apartment. And to him, it meant he is serious about her.

To prove his intentions further, Seb married Coleen. Their honeymoon phase was typically sweet and blissful. There were just the two of them and their goals. Despite a life much simpler than those of Seb’s brothers, they were each other’s source of motivation to work hard for their future. For Seb, everything’s possible as long as he has Coleen, his lucky charm.

But it is exactly their dreams that will create friction in their marriage, aside from Seb’s illicit affair with Florabelle (Claire Ruiz). Tension brewed among the Estrella brothers when only Dave (Sam Milby) inherited Freddie (Edu Manzano)’s assets. Coleen wanted her husband to make a stand. She pushes him to fight for his rights like Paco (Gerald Anderson) does or be more competent like their youngest Drew (Jameson Blake).

However, Seb is content just running their small resto-bar business since it has always been his dream. Even with inflation and other threats, Seb refused to give up, much to Coleen’s dismay. She wanted him to ask his brothers for a position at Cuatro Estrella instead.

In a scene, Coleen insulted Seb’s weak mindset. She has big dreams she comes off as ambitious. Meanwhile, he is too at ease with their simple life that he seems lazy.

Relationships are not always about the rush of pink-colored bliss. Reality would soon intrude. But Seb and Coleen teach us that even the end of the honeymoon phase can pave the way for a mature love if the couple wants things to work out. There are scenes where they have to put in the effort to revive their romance, such as by joining Seb's brothers camping.

In another scene, he gave her a massage as a reward for her hard work. He said that the world outside might be full of chaos, but at home where there's just two of them, they can find assurance.

But, as we all know, Seb has secrets that might destroy their relationship. Don’t miss an episode of A Family Affair, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.