Cherry’s love, their father’s affection, inheritance – Dave and Paco never seem to run out of things to fight about in A Family Affair.

Despite their closeness as kids, and their filial ties, Dave (Sam Milby) and Paco (Gerald Anderson) have become rivals as adults. From their father’s attention to inheritance and Cherry (Ivana Alawi)’s love, they fight over almost everything, creating friction among the once solid Estrella brood. Watch their most intense confrontations via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from A Family Affair.”

A woman’s heart was the first thing to tear Dave and Paco apart. At first, they both knew Cherry likes Dave. Although Paco accepted defeat, he made a vow to take Cherry back once she gets hurt. An incident, which remains a secret to the family to this day, forced Dave to dump Cherry and come with Drew (Jameson Blake) to the States.

Dave’s absence pulled Paco and Cherry closer, and soon, a wedding takes place. The past, however, will continue to threaten Paco and trigger his unhealed insecurities. Not only were they clashing about Cherry but they also competed for their father’s admiration.

Dave, as the eldest, was their dad Freddie (Edu Manzano)’s right-hand guy in running their family's ranch, Cuatro Estrella, even if he was away. And it made Paco feel inferior. He thought their father sees Dave as the perfect son, while he, the one who stayed, never seemed enough. 

The conflict was heightened by Dave coming home disappointed with the changes in the ranch. He scolded Paco for tolerating their father’s bad decisions for the business. Offended, Paco said he doesn’t have a say even in family matters because Freddie listens only to Dave.

Freddie’s health condition shocked the brothers. Deciding on whether or not to forgo his life support fuelled a huge debate among them, specifically Dave and Paco. The elder son wanted to give up while the other insisted to hold on. Freddie died shortly, and we knew it will further destroy his sons’ relationship as brothers.

True enough, the reading of his will sparked a big fight between Paco and Dave as the latter gets a greater portion of their inheritance. Although it will simmer down a bit, thanks to Cherry, Dave and Paco remain enemies. In a scene, Dave advised Paco to fix a business-related problem using connections, which the latter found illegal. Dave pushed it through without consulting Paco, igniting yet another argument.

Dave dropped his original plan to go back to the States with Becca (Aya Fernandez). He decided to stay for Drew. Of course, for Paco, it sounded like a poor excuse to get near Cherry. He said, he saw Dave staring at Cherry with desire, leading to a brawl.

Also making it to this list is the shocking confrontation wherein Dave confessed putting up with Drew’s crime of murdering Cherry’s father, Panyong (Lito Pimentel). The fight ended violently. Then, Dave woke up from that nightmare.

Will Dave and Paco manage to sift through their issues, or will Cherry break them further apart? Don’t miss an episode of A Family Affair,” weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.