10 times Ivana Alawi showcased her acting prowess as a leading lady in “A Family Affair”

Cherry Red shows no sign of stopping. She’s bound to rebel and become fiercer because of secrets and lies in the coming days. As we look forward to her explosive transformation, let’s commend the actress behind the exceptional character, none other than Ivana Alawi, who continues to impress with her superb acting in the series. Check out some of Ivana’s best scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist from A Family Affair.

The video opens with Cherry Red grieving over her father Panyong (Lito Pimentel)’s lifeless body recovered on the shore. Ivana’s performance in this scene was authentically believable. Her tears carried anguish and questions. Then, theater virtuoso Ana Abad-Santos, who plays Cherry Red’s aunt, entered the scene to grieve with her, making it all the more heart-wrenching.

Even without lines to utter, Ivana gives out the right emotions. There was a scene where she just cried while reminiscing her happy moments with Dave (Sam Milby). At that point in the story, Cherry was deserted by Dave, who chose to protect his family’s dark secrets over his happiness. Later on, Cherry marries Paco (Gerald Anderson).

Another highlight of Ivana’s acting prowess is the confrontation extravaganza with the show’s other key players. In the scene, Cherry confronted the Estrella brothers Dave, Paco, Seb (Jake Ejercito), and Drew (Jameson Blake) for keeping secrets. She stabbed Drew to avenge her father’s death. Viewers were relieved and shocked at the same time when Dave woke up from this nightmare.  

Cherry was on fire when she rejected the transfer of Cuatro Estrella to her name. She wasn’t convinced when Dave said he is passing on the ranch because she is the only person capable of supervising it. She believes there’s something more she has to know.

Ivana’s heavenly face and raw acting combined made the next scene truly mesmerizing. Here, her character as Cherry delivered a heartfelt speech during Paco’s campaign, telling everyone how she found unconditional love in her husband. More than what she said, it’s the way her tears beautifully ran down her face that captured us viewers.

The recent episodes showcased more of Ivana’s dramatic brilliance as her character got abducted with Dave. Her eyes expressed fear and panic when the kidnappers took Dave away to use him as lure for ransom. Dave came back, saying the kidnappers ordered him to talk to Paco over the phone. Then, there was worry in Cherry’s eyes as she asks about Paco. Her emotions would then shift to trauma as they wait for rescue or the chance to escape.

Watch out for more of Ivana aka Cherry Red’s explosive acting moments as a new season begins in A Family Affair, shown weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.