10 scenes of Seb and Florabelle cheating on Colleen in “A Family Affair”

The Estrella brothers are starting to show their true weaknesses and desires. In this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes, we’re going over the brood’s wild child Seb (Jake Ejercito)’s illicit relationship with Florabelle (Claire Ruiz). Be warned, though: The affair will test your ‘gigil’ as much as it is a test of self-control for Seb in A Family Affair.

The video opens with Seb waiting in his car, looking handsome and excited to meet his mistress. For the record, Seb is married to Colleen (Rans Rifol) while Florabelle is also committed to another guy. The cheaters went on a date, flirting without remorse. Seb said he invited Florabelle out because, well, he is bored. Then, they talked about random things about love and contentment. Florabelle stressed that happiness comes only with the right person as if implying that Seb married the wrong woman. If not, he wouldn’t be there looking for fun.

They enjoyed bantering in the car, with Florabelle giving away signs of being an expert cheater. Apparently, she took things from the restaurant, and when asked how they’d get away if caught stealing, she said they just have to act innocent as if nothing happened. The next thing they knew, they were stealing intimate moments. Seb took a pause but Florabelle’s kiss was so tempting it shrouded his morals.

Then, they started to pretend innocent. Florabelle knows Seb is married but she couldn’t care less. The affair continued even when Cherry Red (Ivana Alawi) tried to cut it. In a scene, she followed Seb to a hotel and caught him flirting with Florabelle in the elevator. But then again, cheaters are also gaslighters. Seb told Cherry over the phone that she might just be hallucinating. Seb ended the call, then the sequence cuts to him walking toward Florabelle at the pool. She asked if it was his wife who called. But he easily dismissed the tension, saying it was his sibling and they shouldn’t worry about that call. 

There came a point when Seb tried to cut the affair, which he thought was just for fun. But, to Florabelle, it was something more. She threatened him to make a scene if he breaks up with her. Florabelle went to the small resto-bar which is owned by Seb and Colleen. She approached the wife and said she’s enjoying the place “kahit pang-mahirap lang.” Aware of who she’s talking to, she intentionally belittled the restaurant’s “adobo” recipe to hurt Colleen, the head cook.

Soon, Colleen’s instinct would send her little warnings. She asked for Seb’s phone to prove her hunches about his affair. But, like a typical cheater, Seb made his wife question her own sanity. He then summoned trust and privacy in their relationship.

Our hearts were ready to forgive Seb when he went to Florabelle’s place to break up with her. However, he failed, because the mistress is an expert manipulator, too. Florabelle cried to stir sympathy. Then, she pretended to want to let go of Seb, but trapped him with her kisses.

Seb and Florabelle are testing our patience, right, Kapamilya? We can’t wait to see Cherry Red take this matter, and all the Estrellas’ dark secrets, into her own hands.

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