Why watch A Family Affair

A Family Affair,” ABS-CBN’s newest teleserye offering, will bring on all the drama and intrigue that encompass the mystery-laden lives of Cherry Red and the Estrella Brothers, starting tonight, June 27.

So, we’re listing down 5 (plus 1) compelling elements from the series to elevate your excitement!


Ivana Alawi in her first lead role

We have seen Ivana play different roles of mostly a ‘palaban kontrabida’ in past Kapamilya teleseryes that showcased her credibility as an actress. This time, she’s taking over primetime TV as a leading lady playing a complex character. It’s Ivana like you’ve never seen her before! The trailer hints at sizzling scenes, faithful to her image on social media, sure, but this time, she’s also rising as a premium dramatic actress telling a powerful story of family discord and love.

Ivana Alawi

She plays Cherry Red, the wild rose that bewitches the four Estrella Brothers. The trailer introduced Cherry Red as a simple and loving barrio girl, seemingly more compassionate than Ivana’s previous characters, without resigning from the ‘palaban’ side.


The gripping storyline

It’s going to be highly addictive! We’d be engrossed in unveiling the secrets and lies surrounding the Estrella family, and Cherry Red, who develops special relationships with the Estrella Brothers Dave (Sam Milby), Paco (Gerald Anderson), Seb (Jake Ejercito), and Drew (Jameson Blake) since moving into their mansion as a child. Cherry Red falls for Dave, her first love, but later on marries Paco, thus sparking sibling rivalry. Her closeness with Seb and Drew will also add to the conflict.


The beauty of Masbate


Ivana and Sam

Ivana Alawi and Gerald

The teleserye’s scenic location, Masbate, possesses a chic country-living landscape that adds to the story’s sensual vibe. It’s the setting of the Estrella clan's fictional mansion and ranch.  Since Masbate is known as the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines, we can expect the cast to transform into cowhands and give us a slice of ranch life. We can’t wait to immerse into the series’ cinematic breath of romantic and fresh mountain air!


Gerald Anderson

Sam Milby

Gerald Anderson

Gerald Anderson

Four times the ‘kilig’ with the Estrella Brothers

Sam’s appearance in the trailer was enough to make a strong impression as the ambitious and assertive Estrella. Gerald is the man who gives his all for love, the most romantic in the brood, it appears. Tagged as the family’s wild child, Jake will take us on heart-fluttering adventures. Despite his baggage and reputation as a black sheep, Jameson is the Estrella we’d want to care for.

A Family Affair Estrella Brothers

Who’s excited to be swooned by the charm and versatility of these four leading men? 


The powerhouse cast

A Family Affair” boasts an ensemble cast including acting virtuosos Edu Manzano, Ana Abad-Santos, Lito Pimentel, and with the special participation of Dawn Zulueta. We’re also looking forward to seeing Aya Fernandez, Heaven Peralejo and Mona Alawi, Ivana’s sister, playing her younger version. 


Bonus: The spicy, daring scenes!

Sam Milby, Ivana Alawi, Gerald Anderson

Viewers can expect thirst-trap and all-out yet tastefully done steamy scenes in the series. The trailer alone has turned up the heat with Ivana and Gerald’s burning hot chemistry and intimate moment, and there’s surely more to be seen as the story unfolds.

A Family Affair” premieres tonight, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.