“A Family Affair” lead stars share taping experiences, introduce respective characters

A few days after Star Creatives TV confirmed that Ivana Alawi, Sam Milby, Gerald Anderson, Jake Ejercito, and Jameson Blake will be the headliners of the upcoming teleserye “A Family Affair by posting their pictures on Instagram, the production unit released on Friday, April 8, a short video wherein the cast talked about their initial experiences in their lock-in tapings and their respective characters.

While it is expected to be intense and laden with drama, as the title is stylized to include what appears to be a drop of blood and the image of the logo posted on IG was captioned, “In all your affairs, one that you should protect, is that of the family’s, even if it costs your love and your life,” the vibe behind the scenes appears to be completely chill and fun.

A Family Affair poster

Being the only rose among the thorns, Ivana, who will play CherryRed, seems to be not only the object of affection of the four lads, but of their mischievousness as well, as seen in the video.

The four talented and dashing heartthrobs will be the Estrella Brothers, with Sam as the eldest named Dave, succeeded by Gerald and Jake as the middle children Paco and Seb, respectively, and Jameson as the youngest named Drew.

A Family Affair cast

As they began filming in Masbate last March, Jameson revealed that they’re already in their second cycle of lock-in taping and “everybody is getting along with each other.” Gerald imparted how they’ve been enjoying each other’s company since their first lock-in taping, not to mention the beauty of their location, in which they’re the first ones to shoot there.

Sam went on to share their new experiences, such as horseback riding, rodeo, and wrestling with cows, and how they’re able to still enjoy their bonding moments despite the heavy scenes. Jake, on the other hand, disclosed how he used to struggle a bit in their first cycle, but he has gotten more comfortable with his co-stars.

Ivana echoed their statements by expressing how much she enjoyed their first cycle since it was her first time to go to Masbate and their experiences there made her feel as if they’re just in a vacation. She has also seemingly found a huge barkada in the amiable company of her co-actors and the whole production team.

With regards to their characters, Gerald revealed that the Estrella family owns a ranch. Paco may have someone he holds dear to his heart, but his love for his brothers is greater, which would later on spark a conflict.

Gerald Anderson

Sam divulged that Dave has to sacrifice one important thing in his life for the sake of his family.

Sam Milby

Seb may be fun-loving and playful according to Jake, but he never fails to prioritize their family always.

Jake Ejercito

Meanwhile, it’s going to be a wild rollercoaster ride for Jameson to play Drew as he tagged him as the “black sheep” and “left out” in the family.

Jameson Blake

On the other hand, Ivana shared how she’s able to relate to CherryRed since both of them has their family as top priority. She described it as “a nice story” and “exciting” as there’s “much more to it” than being a family drama.

Ivana Alawi

When asked what excites them the most about the series, Gerald uttered that it’s definitely the narrative, first and foremost.

“’Yong kwento, ‘yong dynamics namin na mag-pamilya kasama si Cherry, ‘yong mga sikreto na mare-reveal, ‘yong mga mangyayari, kung sino ‘yong kakampihan mo, kung kanino kayo nakaka-relate. And more than anything, excited ako for Ivana. It’s a beautiful project,” he stated.

Sam seconded it by saying how “good” and “solid” the story is, as well as the viewers should anticipate the reasons behind the characters’ actions and secrets that are going to be unraveled. Jake imparted how fast-paced the narrative is, while Jameson teased that viewers are going to get a glimpse of their bond in the series.

“I’m so excited kasi as soon as I read the script, it was sobrang ganda na parang gusto ko nang mag-taping the next day. Gano’n siya kaganda,” Ivana enthused. “I was very excited, especially with the whole cast kasi parang pagpasok ko, natatakot ako, kinakabahan ako, kasi siyempre, [sina] Gerald [at] Sam mga pinapanood ko lang dati.”

Then she added, “Tapos siyempre, I’m excited to work with Jake and Jameson. While I was working with them, it was really fun kasi they are all so supportive. And then parang walang ilangan kasi they are all very welcoming and they are all very friendly.”

Watch this video to get a glimpse of the cheery bond of the five lead stars! “A Family Affair” is slated to premiere soon.