Charlie Dizon shares memorable times with top Kapamilya heartthrobs in Hotspot’s Guess The Lips Challenge

Charlie Dizon was up for a challenge far different from acting. This time, the actress showed us her everyday makeup and skincare routine on Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho.

Charlie graced us with her charm in her past projects including Bagani and Parasite Island. And recently, we have been seeing her as Isabel Gezali in the primetime action drama A Soldier’s Heart.

As Charlie started sharing her everyday styling habit, she said that her usual skin care practice includes putting sunblock on, especially during those times she goes out, and in this episode of Hotspot, she applied facial mist to have her face moisturized. As she was starting to put on makeup with her foundation, Charlie shared how the lock-in taping for A Soldier’s Heart went, and she said that they actually had more bonding moments with the whole cast. Because of this, she said they became closer to each other.

Considering the lockdown, Charlie is very thankful to Rise Artists Studio Management and Star Magic for still providing her opportunities in such projects as the online program We Rise Together every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When she was child, Charlie said she always dreamed of becoming actress. Her interest in entering showbiz began when she watched the first season of Star Circle Quest, when the Grand Questor Hero Angeles, together with Sandara Park, Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo first broke into the scene. Charlie shared that’s when she actually started to sing in front of a mirror, mimicking the stars she saw on TV when she was just a cute 7-year-old. Add to that her growing admiration towards her sister who was often invited before for modelling but never actually pursued it.

When she entered college, Charlie would become an avid K-Pop fanatic and would even impersonate Korean girl idol groups with her friends. She then joined a Philippine audition called by a Korean Entertainment Company for prospective trainees. Charlie said she kept it a secret from her parents but was actually so desperate to get that idol training slot in Korea that she prayed novenas for it. To her utmost thrill and astonishment, Charlie actually passed the audition and was invited to Korea for that highly coveted K-Pop idol training. She would have been the country’s first K-Pop idol then. But destiny had other plans for Charlie.

She encountered problems with her travel documents and working visa, and this scuttled her long-desired K-Pop idol aspirations. This she had revealed was one of the saddest moments of her life. But she still did not abandon her bid to shine in the limelight, and would soon land in commercials and modelling stints. In 2018, she became part of Star Magic and starred in such films as “Finally Found Someone” and “Seven Sundays.”

After putting on the foundation, she started applying the cheek tint and curling her lashes, Charlie recalled that on “Seven Sundays,” she thought the project was a LizQuen movie since her role was the best friend of Enrique Gil’s character. She would then become Enrique’s love interest in the film. Charlie said was in awe of the “Seven Sundays” cast because they were all big stars, including Aga Muhlach, Dingdong Dantes, and Cristine Reyes. But, Charlie said director Cathy Garcia-Molina guided her through the filming and she will always be thankful for that. Even Enrique helped her ease her nervousness at that time.

Of course, the 2018 fantasy drama Bagani that starred Enrique and Liza Soberano will always have a special place in Charlie’s heart, since it was her first teleserye. She said that before getting the project, she wanted so much to be part of a primetime series. It was during the blogcon of Bagani where she couldn’t help but cry because of her realization that she’s finally reached her dream. She said she could not forget the many times her co-actors would assist her when she had a difficult time on the set.

And, as she was putting on mascara next and then did her eyebrows, DJ Jhai Ho showed her pictures of lips of her colleagues and Charlie was asked to guess who each person was and to share her memorable moments with that person. First was Carlo Aquino and Charlie said that she actually felt nervous at first when she knew she was going to work with him because she knows he’s a seasoned actor. But she said Carlo has actually been very thoughtful although most of the time he was quiet and serious. She also remembered how Carlo made sure that everyone in the set gets to eat. Next was Jerome Ponce who was also sweet and thoughtful according to Charlie. Next was Joshua Garcia whom Charlie actually didn’t get to work with yet. But she said she’s looking forward to working with him because she knows he’s really a great actor. Next was A Soldier’s Heart co-star Yves Flores and Charlie said that he’s actually one of the people she became close with. She revealed that Yves is that person whom you can really get comfortable with as he initiates to open up things about himself.

Next was Gerald Anderson whom Charlie saw as a leader, who is generous and a gentleman. Next was Enrique and Charlie said she’s always been grateful to have worked with Quen because from the very start, he was one of those who would always help her. She even got a lot of advice from him especially in terms of pursuing her acting career. The last photo was her loveteam partner Nash Aguas and she said her team up with him didn’t get any awkward at all. She added that Nash was also very sweet. When DJ Jhai Ho asked who else she wants to work with, Charlie answered some of the great Kapamilya actors, including John Lloyd, Piolo Pascual, Arjo Atayde, and Carlo Aquino, because she feels like she’s definitely going to learn a lot from them and working with them will definitely bring out something new to her craft. As for the Kapamilya female stars that she wants to work with, Charlie said she’s always wanted to experience working with the actress-host Toni Gonzaga and Bea Alonzo as well.

When asked what her dream role is, Charlie said that she’s always wanted to try being a part of a romcom movie or teleserye that has a K-Drama peg. But recently, Charlie said that she’s interested in playing a “bida-kontrabida” role. And the last dream role that she can think of was the role of the female lead in the K-Drama “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.”

Charlie also gave thanks to the Kapamilya supporters who still continue to watch A Soldier’s Heart every night. She added that the advantage that she sees in our current situation is that we don’t need to go outside. And when it comes to how she handles her work, Charlie said she just notes everything on her calendar just to track everything and she practices proper time management.

So the last thing she applied to finish her makeup was the lip tint and lip balm. Continue watching to see the final look of Charlie with her everyday go-to makeup.