How Andeng deals with testy, insolent Yaya Diding on A Love to Last

When it comes to marriage, you don’t only tie the knot with someone you love, but also with, if not all, most of the people dear to him/her such as family and friends. It should be expected that you cannot please everyone at first because there’s a huge possibility that a few of those close to him or her might harbor ill feelings towards you.

Just like Andeng’s (Bea Alonzo) dilemma when she decided to take the risk of engaging into a love affair with the annulled and family man Anton Noble IV (Ian Veneracion). Aside from maintaining her relationship with him, Andeng also has to be in good terms with his ex-wife Grace (Iza Calzado), their three children, and to their house helpers as well. She already developed rapport with Chloe (Julia Barretto) and Kitty (Hannah Vito), but she had a difficult time with the rebellious Lucas (JK Labajo) and head servant Yaya Diding (Lui Manansala).

And as she began to juggle her duties as a homemaker and a career woman, Andeng had a hard time dealing with Yaya Diding, a crucial figure in the Noble household having assisted Anton and Grace in raising their children. Understandably, she is comfortable to how things were done before Anton and Grace’s annulment. Now that Anton has tied the knot with Andeng, Yaya Diding’s new lady boss, friction between them often happens given the latter’s unceasing loyalties to her former superior.

Here are times when Yaya Diding openly showed disdain and discord towards Andeng and how the latter handled such situations.

While Kitty’s so excited to welcome her new Mama, the helpers are worried that Andeng might tweak the system Grace had implemented because it’s already good for them. At first, Yaya Diding believed that the new lady boss wouldn’t absolutely meddle with the chores and issues since she’s also busy at work, unlike the former who was a full-time housewife.

And the servants’ contempt towards Andeng erupted! Anton asked Yaya Diding to cook food for Andeng once she woke up since she wasn’t able to join him and the kids during breakfast. She bitterly accepted the request and compared her to Grace, who used to be the one to wake up first and prepare her family’s food. Yaya Lota (Minnie Aguilar) even tagged her as “senyorita”.

Unknown to Andeng, Yaya Diding has been the ears and eyes of Grace to everything that happens in her family. One night, Yaya Diding sneakily called Grace through the phone and reported that Andeng’s been too comfortable in voicing out her opinions and even advised Anton to let Chloe be courted. Grace just told her that Andeng has the right and she should treat her well as she’s the new wife.

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