5 Intense Face Offs of Grace and Andeng In A Love To Last

What happens when the people from one’s past and present coexist? Every night in “A Love To Last,” we can find the answer to this question in the scenes of Andeng (Bea Alonzo) and Grace (Iza Calzado). The interactions between the two beautiful and strong women in the life of Anton (Ian Veneracion) get even more and more intense, and their fierce confrontations really became the talk of the town. Today, let’s look back and list down their 5 most unforgettable encounters in the primetime series so far.

Andeng and Grace had a tense conversation when they met to the talk about the plans for the debut of Grace’s daughter, Chloe (Julia Barretto).

When she returned to the country, Grace had another heated discussion with Andeng. She insisted what she wanted for her daughter’s debut and told Andeng “I believe I know my daughter better.”

While they were both inside the restroom, Grace confronted Andeng and asked her “May gusto ka ba kay Anton?” However, Andeng simply avoided her question.

Grace confronted Andeng about what she saw during Chloe’s debut and Andeng had no other choice but to admit her relationship with Anton. Andeng also told Grace that Chloe already knew about their relationship.

The two women had a very intense argument after Grace falsely accused Andeng of ruining the relationship of her son, Lucas (JK Labajo), with his father.