Anton schools us on how to be a rockstar dad

Anton Noble IV (Ian Veneracion) is indeed an epitome of a good father. He works so hard for his family and remained faithful to his then wife Grace (Iza Calzado). When their relationship went on the rocks and she pleaded for the annulment of their marriage, it of course broke his whole being. But instead of getting himself drowned with depression, he opted to take care of and focus on their kids who are under his custody.

And as we celebrate the hardships and unconditional love of the beloved fathers in our lives, let’s revisit the moments Anton shared with his kids Chloe (Julia Barretto), Lucas (JK Labajo), and Kitty (Hannah Lopez Vito)

Best Times with Chloe

Relating love problems with parents, especially with fathers, is not a thing for most teenagers nowadays because they find it awkward and they are also afraid to be reprimanded. Although she initially hesitated to share her friendzone issue, Anton made her feel that her petty concern is also important for him and gave her encouraging words afterwards. And is there any father who can resist to see his child burst into tears and get hurt?

Same with other fathers, Anton is also a great spoiler. Even though Grace prohibited Chloe from eating sweets to maintain her physique as a ballerina, he treated her to their favorite ice cream parlor nonetheless.

Bonding Gems with Lucas

Amidst his hectic schedule at work, Anton still allots a portion of his time with his kids. Certainly, he wouldn’t want to miss a single milestone so he made sure that he was present in Lucas’s gig and official comeback in the music scene. He may be called a ‘stage father’, but he doesn’t fret since he wants to show his all-out support for him. And no bonding will ever be complete without food, hearty talk, and laughter.

Anton and Lucas are both musically-inclined, but they’re also one of those father-and-son tandems who enjoys playing basketball. Aside from bonding with his unico hijo, Anton also found this the appropriate opportunity to reminisce their happy memories as a complete family and to discuss his relationship with Andeng.

Precious Moments with Kitty

Isn’t it cute to see Anton donning a crown and enthusiastically offering kiddos their servings of cotton candy? That’s what he can do just to make Kitty the happiest girl on her birthday party.

Not seeing her dad in the audience made Kitty disappointed. However, being a dad who loves to surprise his kids, Anton offered to play the piano during her school performance. What a cool dad!

Luckiest Kids in the World

Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, Chloe, Lucas, and Kitty did not forget to show how much they love and appreciate their dearest Daddy Anton by telling him they’re the “luckiest kids in the world”.

Anton proves that being a rockstar dad doesn’t require being a literal rockstar who has celebrity status, plays rock music, nor pulls off cool clothes. A rockstar dad is someone who, despite being busy with work, does not shower his kids with financial support but more of his time and love for them. He may not be as young as his kids, but he can ride or understand the lifestyle they have and always reaches out for them whenever troubles arise.

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