Just like all of us, Grace only wants to be truly happy on “A Love To Last”


Certainly, many could relate to the character of Grace Silverio (Iza Calzado), the woman who once decided to leave her family, but now does everything to regain them. Now that she’s in great despair, the people around her, and even the avid viewers, would only blame her for the wrong actions she took.

However, what some of us fail to comprehend is what forced Grace to leave her family and why she still opted to do it knowing the negative repercussions. Let’s take a look back on her journey that many of us could definitely relate to:

Personal space

They were once an idyllic picture of an ideal family. Anton (Ian Veneracion) works for them, the children are doing great at school, and Grace really exceled in being a hands-on mom. But everything crumbled when she suddenly left for the US to realize a personal journey to find herself.

Even though Anton supported her when she pleaded to be with her dying father or spend more time with her elderly parents and to continue her education, Grace thought such were impossible to fulfill when she’s also busy minding their household.

According to her, she was saving herself from a slow death.

Pursuit of genuine happiness

Although Anton did the things he deemed would make her completely happy – buying her a house, providing all their needs and luxuries, working hard to be on the top, and showering them with love and support – these were not enough for Grace. Yes, Anton did a great job as a husband. However for Grace, he never became a perfect partner because he was too busy with work and she assumed that he would never understand her sentiments. Thus, she thought she could find it elsewhere in the arms of another man or just living a new life.

Remember her crying, “I’m just his wife and the mother of his kids. I was never his partner”, to her mom?

Maternal instincts

Despite these, Grace remained a dutiful mom towards Chloe (Julia Barretto), Lucas (JK Labajo), and Kitty (Hanna Vito). She makes sure that she would still be present in their every milestone – from recognition, performances, and school activities – and to bond with them often, although she had to do those with consent from Anton first.

One more chance

And them after all was said and done, Grace realized she had looked at the wrong direction in finding true happiness. With Anton finding new love with Andeng (Bea Alonzo) and moving on, Grace seemed to have grasped what she’s been missing. Thus, her all-or-nothing attempt to rekindle and regain her place in Anton’s heart, whatever it takes.

The more she sees how Anton and Andeng enjoy and cherish each moment together, the more she realizes how much she loves him. Maybe too late the yearning? Maybe not.

Saving Grace

As her attempt to take back what was once hers seems to be one in vain, there is still hope for a love to last even if all is uncertain—a savior named Michael (Troy Montero), who would always come to the rescue and help her forget Anton.

But where will these all lead to? Will Grace truly find happiness in the end? Find out on the remaining episodes of A Love To Last all this week after La Luna Sangre on Primetime Bida.