How Andeng deals with testy, insolent Yaya Diding on A Love to Last-2


However, Kitty overheard their secret conversation and innocently asked Andeng about it, and this disgusted her. Andeng calmly confronted Yaya Diding and asked for her respect since she is now the matriarch of Anton’s home.

Being a practical person, Andeng told the helpers about the growing household expenses and recommended small ways on how they can save. She suggested that it would be better if they would just go to the market everyday instead of once a week to avoid wastage of food and as a form of exercise as well. She also reminded them to unplug appliances when not in use in order to conserve energy. Hearing this, Yaya Diding was derisive.

Andeng just let Yaya Diding’s grumblings pass since they are still both adjusting. But what made her infuriated was how she coldly welcomed her Mame (Perla Bautista) and mother Baby (Irma Adlawan) during their brief sojourn in the house. She uttered sarcastic comments when Andeng asked one of the drivers to accompany them on their trip to the hospital since she wasn’t available due to an emergency at work. This ill attitude of Yaya Diding continued when the two got back home and they asked if there’s still something to eat. But she told them that dinner was over and they already kept the food.

When Andeng arrived, her Mame related what happened and it made her very mad.

Yaya Diding was stern in telling Andeng that she would wholeheartedly accept if they’re going to fire her. But the latter told her that it won’t happen because the family, especially the kids, needs her. Once the incident happens again, she’s going to report it to Anton. She reiterated that she’s only demanding for respect for being the new house matriarch, nothing more, nothing less.

Will the strife between Yaya Diding and Andeng worsen or be resolved? Let’s all find out on A Love To Last weeknights after La Luna Sangre on Primetime Bida.

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