“What if liligawan kita?” Yves and Gillian ask each other the most kilig what-if questions

Can you guess what Yves Flores and Gillian Vicencio feel about each other? Maybe their answers to each other’s what-if questions – and their ‘kilig’ gazes – will give you a hint.

In this video, Yves and Gillian a.k.a. Red and Tox from 2 Good 2 Be True got candid in answering each other’s what-if questions, starting off with how Gillian would react if Red was played by another actor in 2 Good 2 Be True. She said, “Hindi ko sinasabing hindi magiging successful or hindi kikiligin ‘yung mga tao or what kasi I will work on it.” She continued, “Pero iba ikaw, eh.”

She tweaked the question into how he would feel if Tox was a different actress. “Hindi ko kaya,” Yves quipped. “Feeling ko hindi magwo-work kung hindi ikaw ‘yun.”

What if Yves turned down their upcoming mini-series “ReTox: 2 Be Continued”? Gillian said that she would respect his decision, “Siguro mapapaisip ako kung bakit. Pero desisyon mo ‘yun, eh. I can’t control you.”

ReTox had their fair share of subtle intriguing moments in the video, such as when Yves dropped the question, “What if liligawan kita?” Gillian hit him in the arm and told him, “Pinag-usapan na natin ‘to. Gusto mong malaman nila?” We’re eager to know!

‘Kilig’ soared higher when Gillian asked how Yves would feel if she gets into a relationship with another guy. “Oops,” he blurted out, then pretended to walk out of the room. With a cold facial expression, he said that it’s okay so long as they support each other.

She replied, “Talaga? Hindi ka passive-aggressive?” Yves leaned closer to her, “Kunwari lang ‘to. Pero sa totoo, mamaya pag-usapan natin.” He further remarked in jest, “Eh ‘di, mag-jowa ka. Salamat na lang sa lahat!”

“Oo. Go! Mag-jowa ka pero huwag mo na akong kakausapin,” he joshed.

Kidding aside, he promised that he would be happy for her, “Ang importante sa akin, happiness mo.”

Speaking of happiness, ReTox will give us loads of that, and more, with their comeback series titled “ReTox: 2 Be Continued,” an ABS-CBN Entertainment Made For YouTube special.

Get major updates, ‘kilig’ moments, drama and everything in between from the unexpected love story of Red and Tox.

Part 1 of the series will drop on August 1 to 4, and Part 2 on August 8 to 11, at 6 PM, on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube Channel.