This video of the 2G2BT cast bidding each other farewell will make you more emotional

Our evenings wouldn’t be the same without the bunch of brilliant actors who brought us the teleserye that has become our daily source of good vibes for 6 months, thus everyone’s turning *sniff* sentimental after 2 Good 2 Be True aired its finale episode.

And because it’s too good for goodbye, here’s something that will remind us how the cast members are like family in real life. They may have to say goodbye to old routines and each other for now, but their beautiful friendship will surely continue to grow even as they step out of their taping bubble. 

Prepare your tissues – let’s watch the 2G2BT gang bid each other farewell in this behind-the-scenes video.  

The clip, presumably taken during their last taping day, opens with Ronaldo Valdez placing his arm on the shoulders of a tearful Kathryn Bernardo, saying, “Here it is. Time has come. Lolo Sir, here, signing over and out.” Kathryn smiled through tears, then hugged the veteran actor and said, “Yay! Done na. I love you, okay?” to which Ronaldo firmly replied, “And I love you!” 

We’re not crying. You are.

Ronaldo then embraced his other co-actors one by one. There’s Irma Adlawan, Gelli de Belen, Romnick Sarmenta, Cris Villanueva, Matt Evans, Yves Flores, and the lucky rookies Gillian Vicencio and Bianca de Vera.  

The hug between him and Daniel Padilla, who played his grandson in the series, was long and heartfelt. He kissed Daniel on the cheek and told him, “I’m gonna miss you.” Aww. Our best guys! 

All good things must come to an end, they say. But for the cast of 2 Good 2 Be True and us viewers, memories of this teleserye will last forever. And the fact that saying goodbye is so hard means the series really had a good run.