The endearing ‘lolo squad’ of “2 Good 2 Be True” shares timeless wisdom about life

Grandpas, with silver in their hair and gold in their hearts, are no doubt some of the best educators in the world.

In this video, the endearing Lolo Hugo aka Lolo Sir (Ronaldo Valdez), Lolo Bart (Bodjie Pascua), and Atty. Jimmy (Leo Rialp) shared pieces of advice about love and relationships, money and career that we could all use. After all, they are the reason our beloved main characters Ali (Kathryn Bernardo) and Eloy (Daniel Padilla) have become stronger and better.     

A little warning, though: you might turn a little ‘senti’ listening to the lovable trio and feel like you’re missing them already.

Honestly, we don’t know how to finish this without suffering from major ‘sepanx.’ Anyway, here’s the first string of wisdom about love courtesy of Lolo Hugo, who says love requires hard work, “Make an effort to keep the love alive. Keep the flame burning and the music playing.” Otherwise, the relationship would turn dull and eventually die down. On a side note, the trio gave samples of classic love songs related to their answers. Aww!

Lolo Bart shared that his wife was his longest relationship and best friend before they tied the knot, which only shows friendship is the best foundation of marriage.  “Know each other as deeply as you can, as openly as you can. Be open to each other na nakabuyangyang ang kagandahan at kapangitan ng inyong pagkatao. ‘Pag natanggap n’yo yun and you remain friends, nag-e-enjoy kayo sa company ng  isa’t isa, nagtatawanan kayo kahit nag-aaway kayo, then you hit a goldmine.”

Apart from accepting both the good and bad parts of each other, Atty Jimmy pressed that forgiveness helps love endure, “Learn to forgive because it is in the forgiveness that you find freedom. And you are able to go on with your lives because you have forgiven each other. “More importantly, “Stick to your commitment.”

When it comes to career, Atty Jimmy had life-changing advice to share, which is to look for a mission and not just a job. In that way, you will never run out of motivation. “Look for something where you will be helpful to society or your community. You can be in whatever profession you care to be in but if you are not in your job with a mission, you will be tired.”

However, since we all have different timelines, don’t fret if you still haven’t figured out your mission. Sometimes it really isn’t a straight trajectory. There are twists and turns, ups and downs.

Listen up as Lolo Bart lectures about not rushing things, “Minsan it takes time para makilala mo ‘yung sarili mo, para makilala mo ‘yung mission mo, ‘yung passion mo sa buhay.” He said some people are lucky to discover their purpose at a young age while some have to shift careers to figure out where they perfectly fit. But, keep in mind that both journeys are valid, “Take your time. Honor your pace. Hindi tayo pare-pareho ng pace.”

He added, especially for newbies, to never give someone a free pass to abuse you. “Know your boundaries. Kumbaga huwag mong simulan ang buhay mo na naaabuso ka. Kasi marami ‘yan, taking advantage of your innocence dahil bago ka pa lang. Kumabaga, be wise rin at the same time.”

Meanwhile, Lolo Hugo stressed the importance of camaraderie in the workplace, “It helps to be nice to everyone you work with kasi ‘pag mahirap kang kasama, medyo mate-turn off ‘yung iba.” His co-stars would vouch for his ‘galing sa pakikisama,’ which makes his advice easier to swallow.

Nothing beats our grandparents’ frugality and money wisdom. After all, they lived through different economic seasons, right? So, we must listen when they say, “Spend wisely and save for the rainy days,” with Lolo Bart expounding, “Huwag waldas kaagad. Ako, lumaki ako na tinuruan akong hindi ko uubusin lahat ng kinikita ko. Kumbaga, meron akong tinatabi para sa kinabukasan.”

Life doesn’t come with a guidebook but we’re fortunate to have met these loving grandpas who are generous of their love and wisdom.

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