2G2BT cast favorite scenes

Now that 2 Good 2 Be True is about to air its finale episode this Friday, we wish to slow things down by revisiting the scenes that the cast members consider their favorites. These are the scenes that either brought them closer as a team, spotlight their character’s transition, or the ones they just enjoyed doing.

Family scenes are aplenty in 2 Good 2 Be True, but for Alyssa Muhlach, the best part is the real-life family they grew in Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez)’s mansion, “Dito na-form ‘yung pagkakaibigan namin with each other.” She said the mansion crew got really close behind the scenes and even with the Purok Onse and Baranggay Sikap peeps.

The mansion itself is as iconic as the characters, ‘no?  Via Antonio transports us back to the old days when Chubs (her character) and Gemma (Pamu Pamorada) did their best to ‘marites’ about Nurse Ali (Kathryn Bernardo) to the point of spreading fake news, and because of that, they received gentle warning from the viewers.

Pamu recalls the scene she was asked by Lolo Sir to buy flowers that Eloy (Daniel Padilla) will give Ali. Who doesn’t like the feeling of building friendship with their boss, especially if it’s ‘the’ Hugo Agcaoili? Pamu felt happy for Gemma’s closeness with Lolo Sir.

Mary Joy Apostol had a similar happy feeling when her character as Nurse Queenie started to work in the mansion as Nurse Ali’s stand-in. “Noong napunta ako sa mansion, ay grabe, sobrang saya, sobrang nabuhayan si Queenie. So, feeling ko talaga lahat ‘yun ite-treasure ko.”

Since it’s a slice-of-life teleserye, there are parts of it that really hits home such as Eloy’s flair for golf. According to Hyubs Azarcon, Daniel sure had fun with the golf scene. And even if he wasn’t part of the scene, he was watching off-cam and enjoying it as well.

“Lahat ng eksena na may kinalaman sa pamilya favorite kong gawin,” shared Romnick Sarmenta. Family is truly one of the focal points in the teleserye, and when we talk about tear-jerking, heartwarming moments, we can rely on the tandems of Ali and Lolo Sir, Eloy and Fred (Romnick), and any scene that has Lola Heart (Irma Adlawan) in it.

Irma likewise marked her scenes with Daniel and Romnick as favorites because it has been a pleasure for her to act with them. “As an actor, it’s always so fulfilling to be with actors who are very giving. Alam mo ‘yun, ‘yung everything comes naturally. You don’t need to prepare for anything because you know that they will give you what you need for every scene,” she related, adding that their tight-knit relationship added to the authenticity of their scenes. “And ‘yung closeness that we have encountered together, we really became family. So, ‘yan ‘yung mga hindi ko makakalimutan. ‘Yung hindi naman hinihingi ng direktor na kailangan ganito, ganyan, pero when we start the scene, when we look at each other’s eyes, and when we feel each other, wala na, it flows naturally.”

Organic moments are truly the best like the Fajardos breakfast scenes or their girly chats before bed, as Bianca de Vera revealed, “Most ng sinasabi namin adlib. Or kunwari ‘pag patulog na, ayun sobrang raw kasi sobrang intimate ng scenes namin together, kaming tatlong mag-iina. So, those are my favorites pero number one ‘pag may kinakain.”

For Matt Evans, the scene where the “apat na itlog” caught his character Daddy Ays sleeping in his computer shop is memorable for the heartwarming event that it led them to.

ReTox’s sweet moments are as special for Gillian Vicencio and Yves Flores as they are to the viewers, specifically, for Yves, the reunion of Red and Tox wherein the characters realized their feelings for each other have turned real. He also mentioned the money heist, while Gillian was particularly drawn to the scene of Lola Heart’s heart-to-heart talk with Tox about love.

Playing the series’ accidental ‘loveteam,’ Gelli de Belen and Cris Villanueva, of course, will never forget the trending MarKap scenes like their first date, and first kiss which they really choreographed to keep it amusing and, at the same time, realistic. Gelli also mentions her ‘budol’ and ‘taray’ scenes, while Cris recalls the time Kap Rosales went to Margie’s house to discuss the latter’s complaint against a rude delivery rider because as we all know, it paved the way for Kap and Margie’s closeness.

We can feel the ‘sepanx’ just reliving these moments. Still, we wouldn’t want to miss the last episode of 2 Good 2 Be True on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamikya Online Live, and A2Z.