Eloy & Ali’s new couple in 2G2BT

When the relationship is new, there’s nothing but sweet love and pure bliss such as in the case of Eloy (Daniel Padilla) and Ali (Kathryn Bernardo). And because their happiness makes us happy, too, let us rehash their wholesome ‘kilig’ moments as a couple via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from 2 Good 2 Be True.

It was a slow burn romance for the beloved characters and we think it was just the perfect pace for them to correct their bad first impressions of each other. Eloy is the first to realize his feelings for Nurse Ali and pursued her patiently.

They’ve been giving us wholesome vibes throughout their relationship journey. Ali warmed our hearts when she shyly confessed her love for Eloy, making their relationship official. Their friends would insist that a couple isn’t official unless they have each other’s photo as wallpaper. Ali protests against her unflattering photo on Eloy’s phone and suggests they take new couple selfies instead. The cherry on top was the kiss on the cheek. Ali was caught off guard but obviously ‘kilig.’ 

If we could make a Best Boyfie Award, we’d give it to Eloy, who has Plans A to C in making Ali smile. Soothing their first LQ, he went to the Fajardo abode and gave his girlfriend a flower, which triggered an allergic reaction. Halo-halo for Plan B didn’t work, either. All it took was ‘sapin-sapin’ in different colors to make them okay. Well, just being together is enough to make them happy. 

He’s there through difficult times such as when Ali came across her estranged father Jay (Keempee de Leon) at the police station. He stood behind her amid possibly getting her nursing license revoked after performing CPR on Mang Diego. Eloy listened as Ali talks about the adrenaline and fulfillment in saving the world one patient at a time, with pride in his eyes.

Our hearts fluttered when he brought her to his mother’s grave and introduced her as “girlfriend ko po.” We kind of expected a melodramatic scene but they made it cute instead, bantering about who fell in love first.

LoyAl’s super wholesome dates are enough to make us swoon. One scene brought them to the hotel rooftop just in time for sunset. They reminisced about their little meet-cute in that same hotel. He remembers her in a white dress and his funny impression of her as Lolo Bart (Bodjie Pascua)’s possible girlfriend.

Catching a stalker at the hotel, he asked the staff to bring Ali to a room while he takes control of the situation. Immediately, Ali talked non-stop when Eloy was back. Would there be a sweeter way to shut her up than a smooch? LoyAl’s first real kiss took our breaths away!

They were locked up inside the room and waited a few minutes for the security personnel to arrive. When the staff arrived, they found Eloy and Ali sleeping on the couch. And just the silence of that scene was enough to make us weak in the knees.

The young Horizon Grand CEO has a natural talent of making Ali smile either through gestures or words. He was her shoulder to cry on when she struggled to forgive her estranged father, with his punchlines turning her tears into a smile.

We wonder if KathNiel was feeling ‘kilig’ for real while filming these scenes.

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