ReTox on Kapamilya React

Experimenting with loveteams is like shooting for the moon — it’s either a hit or a miss. In the case of Yves Flores and Gillian Vicencio, who've gained shippers since their unexpected love story as Red and Tox in 2 Good 2 Be True, it’s certainly a hit.

The tandem gifted us with subtle ‘kilig’ moments in the said teleserye. Ahead, we handpicked our favorites and asked them to react to each scene.

We tell you, this turned out to be one of the most butterfly-inducing Kapamilya React episodes ever!

The scenes were thoughtfully chosen that even Yves and Gillian felt nostalgic, starting off with their characters’ sweet reunion where she jump-hugged him out of excitement.

He whispered in her ear as they watched the clip, prompting her to hit him in the arm. According to them, the scene was filmed thrice from different angles.

“’Pag nabasa mo ‘yung script, kikiligin ka rin talaga as a person. Tapos, wala, na-e-execute lang siya nang gano’n," they said when asked about their process as a loveteam. There’s no secret formula to mounting an effective ‘kilig’ scene other than genuine connection. They also credit their writers and directors for having a clear vision of every scene.

The characters of Red and Tox were introduced as friends of Daniel Padilla’s Eloy. However, as the plot developed and actors were allowed to inject adlibs, Director Mae Cruz-Alviar noticed the ‘kilig’ in Yves and Gillian’s unscripted ‘bardagulan.’ She decided to give them their own love angle.

“Sa isip ko, parang hindi naman bagay. Parang kapatid turing ko sa kanya,” Yves thought when told the changes in the plot. They were initially dumbfounded, clueless about how good they look together. But eventually, they started to see what Direk Mae and the viewers saw in them.

They’ve grown so comfortable with each other that they think they can pull off any scene together. “Magtutulungan kami,” Yves added, adding that he discovered Gillian’s triple personalities — “may masayahin, may magulo, may biglang masungit.”

When Gillian was asked to spill his discovery about Yves, the latter whispered in her ear. “Na mahal ko daw siya, sabi niya.”

We love how their interactions reflect their closeness and naturality, like what was shown in that scene of Yves giving Gillian ‘pa-cute’ flying kisses. “Hindi ko magawa kasi hindi naman ako gano’n!”

This reminded them that the ‘kilig’ was real on- and off-cam. In fact, in the beginning when their characters must act like hiding their feelings, they would be asked for re-takes since they themselves couldn’t hide their ‘kilig.’

They also reacted to Gillian’s crying sequence where her character unleashed the hurt of seeing Eloy choose Ali (Kathryn Bernardo). “Hirap talaga ako sa scene na ‘yun. Hindi ko alam kung paano siya i-execute. Pero dahil nga sa tulong ng mga nakapaligid sa akin, ganito ‘yung kinalabasan,” she confessed. Yves added that they met a few challenges such as background noises and sudden rain, thus he’s proud that Gillian managed to pull it off.

They went on to re-watch Red and Tox’s banana cue date where they spontaneously smeared sugar on each other’s faces, as well as when they woke up from a nap at Daddy Ays (Matt Evans)’s computer shop.

But it was the scene where they got stuck in a narrow alley that started ReTox’s love angle. “Sobrang sikip talaga diyan,” they recalled of their location.

“Hindi rin namin alam na nakakakilig kami,” they smiled.

Let’s continue the ‘kilig’ moments, shall we?

ReTox is back with a new online series! Titled “ReTox: 2 Be Continued,” it follows the unexpected love story of Red (Yves) and Tox (Gillian), their characters in the hit teleserye “Good 2 Be True” which was topbilled by KathNiel in 2022.

Part 1 of the series will drop on August 1 to 4, and Part 2 on August 8 to 11, at 6 PM, on ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel.