2G2BT Barangay Sikap Set Tour w/Bianca

As any fan of 2 Good 2 Be True will know, Barangay Sikap is home to the Fajardos – Margie (Gelli de Belen), Ali (Kathryn Bernardo), and Pat (Bianca de Vera). But, we bet you’ll be surprised to discover that the actors have been taking their ‘bahay’ scenes inside a studio.

“Makikita ninyo ang magic ng aming bahay,” said Bianca de Vera in this set tour. When you watch the video, you’ll find Bianca standing in front of the Barangay Sikap welcome arch, and from that angle, you would notice that the ‘chaotic’ barangay is elaborately set up within the ABS-CBN Compound.

Bianca then walked to the Fajardo residence. She opened the door to reveal that it is not a real house inside. All you would see are backdrops. They call this the “exterior” location, and as the name suggests, where the outdoor scenes are filmed such as when the Fajardos interact with a visitor at the entrance of their house.

The interior scenes are filmed in a studio. It doesn’t require high-tech gadgetry – just pure talent in camera angles and production design. Inside the lifelike setting of the Fajardo abode, there’s a nook for Margie’s live selling. Bianca also showed the living room, “Dito kami usually nagba-bonding. Minsan naabutan kami dito ng tulog.”

Her favorite part of the house is the wall display of Pat and Ali’s medals, diplomas, and graduation photos. Since Pat is an architecture student in the story, they made her a study area complete with drafting tools that Bianca doesn’t really know how to use. “Kunwari na lang,” she quipped. Her study table has a drawer where she puts her cell phone during takes.

The bubbly girl showed next the bedroom that has a double deck bed, “Mukha siyang maliit pero kasya talaga kaming tatlo dito.” There are scenes wherein the ‘tres marias’ have their pillow talks on that bed. 

Beside is the vanity area where Pat did her mom’s makeup for her date with Kap (Cris Villanueva). On top of the mirror is a framed family photo that gets the actresses sentimental since it was taken during their very first taping cycle. “Minsan ‘pag nagte-take kami dito nina Tita Gelli, iniisip namin, ‘Wow! It’s almost been a year.’ Tapos nagiging sentimental na kami,” said Bianca.

The display quotes in the bedroom and kitchen reflect Margie’s penchant for ‘hugots.’ There are scenes of them taking food from the fridge but it’s actually empty.

For the final revelation, remember that scene where Margie and Kap came out of the bathroom together after she helped him wash his clothes? We bet you had no clue that it’s empty in real life. Just like in the façade of the Fajardo home, the toilet door actually leads backstage. Aren’t you amazed?

Check out the Barangay Sikap actual setup in Bianca’s exclusive set tour video.

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