Bianca de Vera 2G2BT Lock-In Taping

Just like her 2 Good 2 Be True character Pat Fajardo, Bianca de Vera is apparently vivacious and ‘makulit’ in a good in real-life, too! And we’re able to see that through her latest vlog, wherein she gave us a glimpse of her life during the ninth cycle of their lock-in taping.

She commenced her vlog by showing how she and her Yaya Cel were packing the stuff she’s going to bring for the lock-in taping. Then it was her dad drove her to their hotel accommodation. As soon as she settled her stuff in the hotel room assigned to her, she gave us a tour around.

The following day, she gave us a glimpse of her behind-the-scene shenanigans with her on-screen mother Gelli de Belen – from going to their taping location at the same time, revealing the content of her famous food bag, to brushing their teeth together during break. She then introduced some of the talented, amiable, and hardworking staff and crew, who gamely waved and showed their faces to the camera.

When she had the chance to be with their director Mae Cruz-Alviar, Bianca revealed that it was really her who’s the reason why she became part of 2 Good 2 Be True. During their first-ever meeting a year ago, the director revealed that she actually saw talent and potential in her, which made her teary-eyed. She also shared clips from the filming of her exclusive set tour in the Fajardo residence.

After their productive taping day, Bianca then showed her fun bonding moment with her castmates Pamu Pamorada, Majoy Apostol, Via Antonio, and Gillian Vicencio over mangga’t bagoong at night. During their rest day, they feasted on adobo and sushi, and she even shared a plate with her on-screen sister Kathryn Bernardo.

In one of their next taping days, the Asia’s Superstar took over her vlog wherein she disclosed that they were then shooting a flashback scene, wherein her character Ali just graduated in college while Bianca’s Pat was only 12 years old. Kathryn, Bianca, and Gelli had an exchange with regards to giving their forgiveness if ever they were on Ali’s shoes, to which the on-screen sisters both stated that they’re willing to forgive their estranged dad, with their Mama Marge supporting their response by saying that it’s still their dad.

Bianca then quizzed Gelli if she’s going to forgive and accept in her life again a man like Joey (Keempee de Leon), to which she implied that even though everyone deserves a second chance, she will give him a hard time in order for him to prove that he’s worthy of her forgiveness. It may be difficult, but she’s still willing to forgive him at the end of the day for the sake of their child.

When it comes to the number of chances they’re willing to bestow, Bianca said that she could do it as long as there’s still forgiveness and love in her heart. Kath, on the other hand, can only give one chance, so that person must not commit the same mistake again.

The promising actress also demonstrated her skincare routine at night and capped off the vlog by showing a behind-the-scene clip of one of Kathryn’s scenes and a video of her and Gelli walking off the ABS-CBN hallway as their taping got packed up early.

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