Eloy and Ali are making us ‘kilig’ in just their simple fated encounters in “2 Good 2 Be True.”

Eloy (Daniel Padilla) and Ali (Kathryn Bernardo) often bump into each other, as if their lives are intertwined. It’s also worth noting how familiar yet unexplainable feelings trap them each time. Their unexpected and spark-filled meetings are making us want to daydream about the idea of fate and soulmates, so we rounded up 5 of their fated encounters in the rom-com series “2 Good 2 Be True" via this Friday 5 feature.

The video opens with Eloy and Ali crossing paths in a hotel. Eloy, who was there to commit a robbery, was smitten by Ali when she came out of the car. The good impression turned sour when Ali walked inside the hotel with Lolo Bart (Bodjie Pascua), thinking she’s the old man’s girlfriend.

Eloy’s scent caused Ali to sneeze when he passed by her and Lolo Bart taking a selfie in the lobby. The next thing they knew, a robbery occurred. The security was alerted. Eloy, heeding Ays (Matt Evans), Red (Yves Flores), and Tox (Gillian Vicencio)’s instructions, hurried to the comfort room to change his clothes. To his surprise, he heard Ali and Lolo Bart making intriguing noises from the next cubicle. Quick to judge, Eloy murmured something about Ali’s behavior as a woman. She heard him, paving the way for a quick exchange.

Later on, Eloy would find out that Ali is trying to coordinate with the cops about the robbery. The most practical step for any “suspect” in that situation is to avoid the witness. Eloy, however, struggles to escape Ali as fate keeps pulling them toward each other, evinced by their meeting in the hospital.

Ali works as a nurse in the hospital where Tox’s father Mang Ben (Earl Ignacio) was confined. In the scene, Eloy and Tox dashed into the hospital ward when they ran across Ali in the lobby on their visit to Mang Ben. Later, on his way out, Eloy failed to outsmart destiny when he crashed into Ali. The closeness caused Ali to smell Eloy, sneeze at him, and remember that he’s the possible culprit in the hotel robbery. But then again, Eloy was able to run fast.

Bothered by conscience, Eloy made a way to help Ali retrieve their family’s money from a scammer. He decided to return it personally. But when he spoke, Ali was caught by a sense of familiarity. She thought Eloy might be the suspect. She sniffed him, as it was the only way to tell, but failed to solve her suspicion.

Eloy and Ali are getting closer and closer! So don’t miss an episode of 2 Good 2 Be True,” weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.