Joseph & Jill in 2G2BT

After LoyAl, ReTox, and MarKap, it seems two more characters are attracting new love into their busy lives. While Joseph (Elmo Magalona) dating Jill (Alyssa Muhlach) started as a ploy to gather evidence, the look of fascination in his eyes whenever they're together is likely a sign he’s falling for real. Check out this Friday 5 video and enjoy the build-up of Joseph and Jill’s potential romance in 2 Good 2 Be True.

When suspicions about Helena became apparent, Kap Rosales (Cris Villanueva) and Atty Badayos (Agot Isidro) thought of ways to fish for information from her closest ally, Jill. Taking a glance at Joseph, who looked so smitten by Jill’s photo on her profile, Atty Badayos knew she found the right asset. Joseph comments that Jill staying with Horizon Grand for years is an indicator of her loyalty in romantic relationships.

Their first meeting in a bar seemed comfortable for strangers who just met online. He mentioned he was iffy about dating apps until he stumbled upon her profile. Our suave lawyer guy easily won Jill's trust, convincing her to open up about her problems at work, and impressing her with his knowledge about labor codes.

The date was far from Atty Badayos’ instructions, which is to just get near Jill and solicit information. Well, come what may, “wala namang batas laban sa mga lalaking pinaglalaruan ang feelings ng mga babae.”

The follow-up date was more ‘kilig’ as he tries to enlighten her about choosing the good side. Don’t you think he will inspire her to be less ‘maldita’? In that scene, she opened up about her new boss, Eloy (Daniel Padilla)’s offer to be his executive assistant. She confessed about feeling trapped and taken advantage of at work when all she wants is to meet her goals. Of course, knowing where she is coming from, he advised her to always go for the good people.

It’s funny how he nonchalantly described his dating status when Atty. Badayos asked for a report. On a serious note, he said Jill seems credulous but he believes that she will make the right decision.

Will Joseph and Jill have their third date and take things to the next level? Don’t miss an episode of 2 Good 2 Be True, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.