5 scenes of Gelli and Cris in 2 Good 2 Be True that will make you smile in ‘kilig’

‘Kilig’ knows no age! While Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s magic is expected to always look epic onscreen, we’re surprised that there’s another tandem on the show worthy to be shipped. We’re talking about seasoned actors Gelli de Belen and Cris Villanueva’s respective characters, the online seller and single mom Margie Fajardo, and Captain Rosales, whose effortless chemistry is giving us plenty of smiles. Check out this Friday 5 video featuring the tandem!

If Eloy (Daniel) and Ali (Kathryn)’s magic is defined by their adorable bickering, that of Margie and Capt Rosales’ is brought by their awkward encounters. There’s a scene where Capt Rosales visited the Fajardo residence to apologize for a previous misunderstanding, clueless that Margie was in the middle of taking a shower. Margie coming out of the house wearing a bathrobe, her energetic reactions, plus the awkward look on Capt Rosales’ face – honestly, this reminded us of a KDrama scene.

The two naturally got closer since Margie’s daughter, Ali, is the witness to a robbery case that Capt Rosales investigates. So, in times of trouble, the cop is there to help the Fajardos. He helped them file charges against the rider who harassed Margie’s youngest daughter Pat (Bianca de Vera). At the precinct, Margie looked impressed by Capt Rosales’ knowledge of the law. In turn, he saw her kindness when she decided to forgive the rider.

When Ali failed to come home on time, Margie panicked and asked Capt Rosales to conduct a search and rescue operation. Her exaggerated reaction got us LOL-ing, then we shifted to ‘kilig’ when he calmed her down.

Now we’d like to thank Pat for being Margie and Capt Rosales’ number one shipper. The bubbly Pat brightened our moods when she invited him for a thank-you dinner at their house, where they got to know him better. She just knows how to low-key ask the right questions. And thanks to that, we learned that Capt Rosales is single. Margie’s eyes widened in surprise!

From that dinner scene, we move to a street food date outside the Fajardo home. Capt Rosales dropped by to talk to Ali but the latter was on bed rest. He pulled off an effective conversation starter. And the next thing they knew, the conversation got deeper about matters of the heart. Margie has become a self-deprecating mom through the years, wallowing in her mistakes in love. But at that moment, Capt Rosales reminded her that she’s a good mom while inserting funny jokes in between compliments.

Margie swears they’re just friends. Let’s see if that friendship leads them to something in “2 Good 2 Be True,” weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.