5 adorable scenes of Lolo Hugo as Eloy and Ali’s ultimate shipper in “2 Good 2 Be True”

Eloy (Daniel Padilla) and Ali (Kathryn Bernardo) are now officially a couple. And we can say that Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez) played a big part in their love story by nailing his job as his grandson’s wingman. In this Friday 5 video from 2 Good 2 Be True, let us recall his slickest strategies as Eloy’s backer in winning Ali's heart.

As the aphorism says, our grandparents have experienced it all. Thus, Lolo Hugo was able to detect the brewing romantic feelings between Eloy and Ali despite their denial. In the first scene, as they assist him to his room, he told them to live their life to the fullest and give love a shot if they really have feelings for each other. Our hearts were broken though when Lolo he sobbed thinking about his past.

He has the cutest reaction to random LoyAl moments such as when Ali stunned Eloy as she comes out of the house in a black dress. She persuaded Lolo Hugo to come to their company’s event and promised to hone her dance skills if needed. He accepted the deal, then told Ali to bring Eloy back to his senses first, “Sampal-sampalin mo muna ito’t mukhang nag-hang, eh.”

As the best wingman, he knows how to make a well-timed exit. Apart from winning their golf game, the gentlemen also won in ordering their favorite food over Ali’s super healthy but ordinary choices for lunch. Then, Lolo Hugo thought it wasn’t the best time to third wheel, so he excused himself to give Eloy and Ali a chance to hang out. 

In the next scene, Eloy made himself smell pleasant by talking about his business and him as a working student, which may be modest achievements, but still impressive. Lolo Hugo then teased Eloy for his low-key ‘ligaw’ moves.

The beloved Lolo Sir is not just a wise businessman, but he’s also the best sidekick. After the earth-shattering revelations and health scares, Ali, with Gemma (Pamu Pamorada), decided to surprise Lolo Hugo with a romantic dinner setup. Yet, the grandpa didn’t want to rob his apo of the chance to make his diskarte, or else, the ‘kilig’ setup will be put to waste. He hyped him up, just enough to give a little push. Lolo Hugo asked Eloy to give Ali the flowers. Then, he promised to make a quick exit to give them enough moments together, as a loyal wingman would.

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