20 times Helena made our blood boil with her evil schemes in 2 Good 2 Be True

Helena (Gloria Diaz) loves her brother Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez). But she covets his money more, pushing her to do evil things. Admit it, you’ve probably wanted to curse and break your TV screen at least once because of Helena’s wickedness, especially since her schemes have gone more intense in the recent episodes of 2 Good 2 Be True.

In this Kapamilya Toplist, we collated Helena’s most hated scenes as the resident villain in Lolo Hugo’s life. We begin with her ‘plastic’ moments or the times she pretended not to care about power. She feigns concern about Lolo Hugo’s health. But deep within, even if she doesn’t say it directly, she’s okay with him dying so she can take over the company.

The cunning sister has mastered the art of fake crying. When Lolo Hugo showed signs of frailty and the company’s board of directors panicked about the former’s position, Helena tells them to be more sensitive. She said Lolo Hugo’s condition is her only concern. When she got inside the car though, she easily replaced her tears with a smile.

Like a typical villain, she has minions to help execute her evil plans. First on the list is the extremely annoying Atty. Evangelista (Raul Montesa). To make for a believable act, Helena and Atty Evangelista often clash in public every time the latter insinuates Lolo Hugo’s disability. She threatened to oust him from the company if he continues to disrespect Lolo Hugo. Afterward, Atty Evangelista congratulated her for her award-winning acting.

Helena recruited Jill (Alyssa Muhlach) in the gang by taking advantage of the latter’s hard feelings toward Lolo Hugo. She knows Jill feels unappreciated, so she promised to reward her loyalty. She also convinced her that their plans are best for Lolo Hugo and the company. After all, family must protect each other, says Helena. Her words were enough to persuade Jill, whose biggest desire is to be treated like family.

Helena ordered Jill to get Lolo Hugo’s medical records and lie to the doctors if needed. Jill was scared it might get them into trouble but Helena promised to protect her. Because of Jill, they confirmed Lolo Hugo has Alzheimer’s disease.

If Lolo Hugo and his friends Atty Jimmy (Leo Rialp) and Bart (Bodjie Pascua) don’t want things publicized, Helena will make a way to spread the bad news. She intentionally loudened her voice while talking about Lolo Hugo’s condition over the phone, so her secretary will hear and pass it on. As planned, the revelation spread like wildfire in the office. But Lolo Hugo managed to redeem himself by coming to the company party looking sharp with Ali (Kathryn Bernardo)’s help.

Helena apparently knows about Eloy (Daniel Padilla)’s relation to Lolo Hugo, thus she worked hard to get rid of the former. She asked Atty Evangelista to investigate Eloy, yet her schemes only worked for a time.

A new challenge came. Lolo Hugo suffered a stroke. The board of directors brought up again the need for Helena to come forward as Lolo Hugo’s only successor. Her dramatic talent came in handy. In this scene, she played uninterested again while talking to the board. But, as soon as the door closes, Helena rejoiced with Atty Evangelista and said it’s a good thing she wore her emerald jewelry which is fitting for a CEO. However, like her previous victories, this one also won’t last long.

Lolo Hugo managed to recover. Helena needed to hatch again another plan. She ordered Atty Evangelista to leak Lolo Hugo’s real condition to the public. The news was published in broadsheets and social media the next morning. Then again, Lolo Hugo was able to face this new obstacle, thanks to his devoted team led by Ali, who he just declared his legal guardian.

Knowing now that Ali is the greatest angel in Lolo Hugo’s life, Helena thought she has to change her target. She plans to dismantle Lolo Hugo’s camp, starting with Ali. If her previous threats didn’t work, then she’d try again by giving Ali a tempting offer. 

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