ReTox kilig scenes in 2G2BT

ReTox is the first thing we will remember whenever “Babalik Sa’Yo” plays or when we spot an ‘isaw’ and ‘banana cue’ stall – that’s how much Yves Flores and Gillian Vicencio owned their unexpected love story in 2 Good 2 Be True. Now that the series is about to end, we wish to relive their sweetest moments via this Kapamilya Toplist.   

Red (Yves) and Tox (Gillian) made us giddy with joy as they recently transitioned from ‘tropa’ to lovers. It started with his unexplainable feeling when she embraced him as he comes home from the police station, assuming that he is the crush she was talking about when in fact it was Eloy (Daniel Padilla).

There’s spark whenever they stand next to each other, so close they almost kissed as they peek out of the window at Daddy Ays (Matt Evan)’s computer shop to investigate the latter’s suspicious activities. It would be easier to just confront Daddy Ays but, according to Red, only a one-woman man like him will own up to his mistakes. Did you notice it was a low-key ‘parinig’ to impress Tox? 

The adorable duo loves food trips which when looked at through a romantic lens appears like a date. Honestly, even their ‘isaw’ dates are fun and sweet enough to make us say 'sana all.' 

And how nice is it that she remembers his favorite food and bought him burnt banana cue? Well, when you truly like someone, you remember even the little things they said. The scene turned extra 'kilig' with his smile and cute assumption about Tox making a move. 

Following that scene, they fell asleep on the computer tables and saw each other the moment they opened their eyes. She asked him to move further, as if scared to fall. 
Of course, the highlight of ReTox’s journey is pretending as lovers. In that episode, Eloy brought Ali (Kathryn Bernardo) to Purok Onse and introduced her to his family. Watching their sweetness, Tox felt so jealous she cried, puzzling everyone. To save her from embarrassment, Red came up with a genius scrip, telling their friends and family, especially Tox’s father Mang Ben (Earl Ignacio), that they are in a relationship and that she is crying because of an LQ. 

Compelled to ‘confess,’ he said he fell for Tox without warning, and the more he denies it, the more his feelings swim to the surface. It doesn’t take a genius to notice the realness in the way he talked good things about her. 

As early as then, Red was already enjoying his pretend relationship with Tox. In a scene, she embraced him to soothe his sadness over Eloy leaving with Mang Fred (Romnick Sarmenta) to Bicol. Daddy Ays initiated a group hug but Red pushed him away, saying “pang mag-jowa lang ‘to.” Lol.

You know the friendship is special when you can comfortably open up to them about anything, your heartbreaks included. In a scene, Tox admitted it's not that easy to move on from Eloy. Then, he thought their fake romance could help her forget, saying “Maghihintay ako.” Asked what he meant, he brushed it off and explained that he will wait until she feels better. We felt that, Red! 

What we love about ReTox moments is that they are not too sappy but just the right mix of ‘kilig’ and relatable. One perfect example is the scene where they went out on a double date with Daddy Ays and his wife. When asked what they love about each other, Tox casually replied that Red makes her happy. Isn’t that how love should make us feel? 

Red had to leave for his training in Horizon Grand and who else missed him so badly than his ‘baby girl.’ Tox was pissed over Red’s silence, unaware that he was just behind peeking at her phone. So, there was no way to escape when he caught her typing in her true feelings. The reunion was so raw and ‘kilig’ as ReTox finally turned real.

We’ll be cheering for ReTox all the way to the finale episode of 2 Good 2 Be True this coming Friday on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.