15 times Hugo, Bart and Jimmy proved they’re friendship goals in “2 Good 2 Be True”

It is said that friendships add years to our life. That’s how powerful human connection is, especially if it’s one that stood the test of time, like Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez), Lolo Bart (Bodjie Pascua), and Atty. Jimmy (Leo Rialp)’s relationship in the feel-good series 2 Good 2 Be True.”

The trio gives us ‘friendship goals’ as they stick by each other in the good and bad times. Plus, their own charm when combined makes their scenes more adorable to watch. Lolo Hugo is the strict ‘principal’, Lolo Bart is the group’s conscience, and Atty. Jimmy is the source of mischief. Check out their warm and wonderful friendship via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from 2 Good 2 Be True.”

They are a team, so they depend on each other. Lolo Hugo protects his circle against cheaters, such as when he rejected the proposal of a dishonest company. Atty. Jimmy, the chick-magnet, comforts Lolo Hugo’s anger issues, telling him to be kinder to Ali (Kathryn Bernardo).

He also talked to him about being so invested with Eloy (Daniel Padilla), which reminded him of breaking up with his girlfriend in the past. Lolo Hugo quipped, “Which girlfriend?” The two shared meaty laughter reminiscing their naughty days.

Friendships are hard to maintain as adults. But the trio managed to keep theirs by constant communication even just via video calls. It’s also worth noting how they put up with each other’s attitude, especially Lolo Hugo’s trust issues and temper. In a scene, Lolo Bart and Atty. Jimmy patiently explained to Lolo Hugo that his daughter Hannah is dead. They brought him to the cemetery and showed Hannah’s death certificate. Even if Lolo Hugo was in denial and went berserk, his two loyal friends remained calm, knowing they need one another in that difficult moment.

One of their most amusing scenes is escaping from the hospital where Lolo Hugo was confined. Teamwork helped them do it. The other two distracted the nurses as Lolo Hugo changes his outfit. Then, Atty. Jimmy drove the car to Lolo Hugo’s hometown in Antipolo.

They planned their escapade. Atty. Jimmy thought of going to a VIP club to enjoy ‘buhay-binata’ for a day. Lolo Bart’s only concern was to look for a gasoline station to pee. Didn’t you have broad smiles on your faces listening to their banter?

Unfortunately, the tire blew out and they didn’t have a spare. Atty. Jimmy took his wife’s persistent calls, thus he was dubbed the “yes man” of the group. While the other two were making jokes, Lolo Bart was holding his pee. So, they ended up weeing in the streets.

Their love language is showing loyalty to each other. We thought it was 'friendship over' when Lolo Bart broke Lolo Hugo’s rule to evade Ali’s calls. But true friendship is built on trust. To prove their obedience, Lolo Bart and Atty. Jimmy surrendered their phones; funny when the latter owned up to keeping an extra phone for his other “women.” And when Ali called, the group’s humorous guy Atty. Jimmy tricked her with choppy audio.

With such fine veteran actors at the helm of these scenes, everything is just enjoyable to watch. And one more reason behind their chemistry is their real-life friendship.

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