15 tearjerker moments in “2 Good 2 Be True” that highlight love and family

Although a rom-com by nature, 2 Good 2 Be True is filled with emotional scenes mostly about family and friendship that make us cry buckets. Ready your tissues as Kapamilya Toplist rounded up 15 of the most heartbreaking moments in the KathNiel teleserye.

Death is a guaranteed tearjerker, especially when more sufferings for the main character come in tow. The young Eloy grieved his mother’s death; worse, his father was jailed and couldn’t be beside him. But, there was the young Ali (Kathryn Bernardo), a newfound friend to bring comfort somehow.

Ali had a miserable childhood, too, having been abandoned by her father. She witnessed her mom Margie (Gelli de Belen)’s failed relationships. She saw Margie chasing her father in the middle of the street and almost got hit by a vehicle.

Albeit with emotional baggage, Eloy and Ali have big dreams now as young adults. Their family inspires their optimism about life, and also makes them cry over heartwarming moments. Eloy’s Lola Heart (Irma Adlawan) speaks words that elicit tears, especially if you’re a ‘laking-lola.’ There was a scene where she expressed how it feels when he keeps secrets from her. She said that even if she’s old, she senses his feelings because she raised him, and she loves him.

Lola Heart got mad upon learning about Eloy’s robbery crime. She scolded him, of course, but promised to help him legally. She just wanted him to man up. Whatever happens, nothing can make her love him any less. The heartfelt acting filled our hearts with love and pain. 

Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez)’s breakdown moment tugged at our heartstrings, too. He cried it out at night, oblivious to Eloy and Ali eavesdropping. Lolo Hugo might be powerful and wealthy but nothing can feel the void left by a lost loved one. It’s the intensity of acting that also made this scene a total tearjerker.  

Sometimes living with a big heart for other people means you’re easily hurt for them. Ali blamed herself for Eloy’s incarceration since she helped Capt. Rosales (Cris Villanueva) investigate about the hotel heist. As if that wasn’t enough, she saw the photo of Eloy’s father, Fred (Romnick Sarmenta), and recognized him as the driver who almost hit Margie the night they chased her father. Ali saw the vehicle crash after avoiding them, so she believes they caused the accident. Eloy told her to forgive herself, saying none of it was her fault.

When Margie found out, she visited Fred in jail to apologize. She was as guilty as Ali, and the way Gelli delivered the dramatic scene left us in a pool of tears. Fred soothed her guilt, explaining that the accident was due to brake sabotage. 

Lolo Hugo was also there to comfort Ali when she was getting too hard on herself. Upon learning Eloy’s motive for working in his mansion to investigate Fred’s case, Lolo Hugo stormed into his place for a confrontation. The two had big emotions over the mysterious “Hannah.” Lolo Hugo looked for her but Eloy had no answers. The latter said he just wanted to know the people behind Fred’s imprisonment and the accident that took his mother’s life.

Lolo Hugo broke down at home after the incident. There was Ali to comfort him, but even her presence wasn’t enough to soothe the pain amassed over the past decades, and again, it ripped our hearts.

Which scene brought you the strongest emotions?

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