15 sweet scenes of MarKap from “2 Good 2 Be True” that will make you believe again in love

It’s never too late to fall in love again. Your past relationships might be discouraging you from giving your heart a second, or maybe a third chance. But, romance has no shelf life. This, we learned from Margie (Gelli de Belen) and Kap Rosales (Cris Villanueva) as they move forward with their new relationship. 

Here’s a Kapamilya Toplist of MarKap scenes in 2 Good 2 Be True to remind you that finding the right person has no age limit.  After all, love may arrive when you least expect it. 

They became friends when Kap investigated a hotel heist witnessed by Margie's daughter, Ali (Kathryn Bernardo). There was nothing too dramatic about their love story. It was just realistic and relatable. But there’s no shortage of cute moments, either, such as when Kap showed off his ‘para-paraan’ moves in the first scene in this video montage. Kap said he just dropped by Margie’s house to hand in the marketing survey forms she asked his team to answer. She had violent reactions to his unannounced visit, at first. Then, the scene got casually sweet as she gives him the packed lunch that Patricia (Bianca de Vera) forgot to bring to school.

Aside from preparing a hearty breakfast, giving gifts is Margie’s love language.  Kap surely felt kilig when he received a polo top from Margie. As for us viewers, we had plenty of smiles watching him proudly wear the polo, and when Margie surprisingly came out of his office and commented that it looks good on him. “Magaling akong sumipat,” she said, to which he reacted, “Sinisipat mo ako?” That banter was so cute!

The friendship eventually grew to a ‘companionship’ level. He became the calm to his panic-stricken heart. In one scene, Ali's connection to Eloy (Daniel Padilla) elicited big, animated reactions from Margie, so Kap had to hold her hand to keep her calm.

Not everyone will get to experience a group study mixed with slight kilig such as what MarKap shared. In this scene, Kap visited Margie at home and found out she is planning to pull an all-nighter for an exam. Instead of going back to the police station where there’s a lot of noise and distraction, Kap asked if he can stay at the Fajardo house and join Margie as he also studies his cases. So sweet of Kap!

It’d be impossible to forget the hilarious toilet scene wherein she accidentally spilled coffee on his shirt. Embarrassed, she volunteered to wash his clothes. Pat was in the dining area when Kap and Margie came out of the toilet together. Cue in Pat’s high-energy reactions and MarKap’s awkward look on their faces! Of course, Pat let her mom and Kap explain.

In case you forgot, Pat was even the bridge for Margie and Kap’s romance. She is happiest whenever the two shares ‘kilig’ moments. There was a scene where she asked Kap to carry Margie, who fell asleep on the table, to her room.

Kap and Margie have been so busy with life since their last relationships that simple joys became invisible to them. So, to experience life all over again, he invited her out on a date. Although a part of her still has anxieties about romance and all, Margie boldly took the first step. Besides, she trusts in Kap’s gentlemanly, friendly ways.

MarKap’s first date was one of the most kilig things in the teleserye. Kap’s world turned to a stop as Margie comes out of the house. And why would he not feel that way? His date is too gorgeous for words! MarKap has its own magic that even awkward moments can look cute. They were nervous at first but eventually calmed their nerves during the date. He drove her home and unlimited exchange of goodbyes followed. Then, everything changed when they accidentally kissed.

It took a long time before Kap and Margie saw the possibility of them being together since they’re still relearning romance. Margie also needed to deal with her fear of making another mistake. However, Kap will not let fear overpower the spark and their potential as lovers. He decided to confess, and the way he did it was very natural and sincere we’ll never forget that moment. He said being with Margie taught him how to laugh again. She brought him to a world so different from the sad place he’s grown familiar with, “Naging masaya na ulit ang mundo ko.”

There’s no question that love has finally found him. But being the gentleman that he is, Kap gave Margie enough time to think it through and told her to choose what’s comfortable for her and her daughters.

We hope the MarKap ship keeps sailing no matter what challenges come, right?

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