15 kilig scenes of Eloy and Ali in “2 Good 2 Be True” that will warm your hearts today

Ali (Kathryn Bernardo) and Eloy (Daniel Padilla) are starting to get closer as they stay in Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez)’s mansion. And that only means a string of ‘kilig’ scenes from our favorite rom-com duo! Kapamilya Toplist rounded up their moments on 2 Good 2 Be True that will make your heart flutter and giggle.

Kathryn and Daniel are experts at building up excitement like when their characters almost kissed. In that scene, Ali stormed to Eloy’s place and found out he lied about his identity. They burst into cute bickering. Annoyed by his confident display of charisma, she tried to slap him, but only to be pulled in closer. Embarrassed, or maybe to deny his effect on her, Ali doubled her ‘taray’ mode.

Things got more exciting when Eloy moved in to Lolo Hugo’s mansion as his resident mechanic. A suspicious Ali met Eloy at the door. But her attempt to frisk his pockets only led to electrifying sexual tension between them. She just let him pass and warned him to behave well inside the mansion. If one of them makes a mistake, then they’d both be in trouble, she said.

Sparks fly in the mansion, and wherever Ali and Eloy are. But we’re not complaining because the more they argue, the more they become drawn to each other.

Status: frenemies! Deep inside, they care for each other despite their cat-dog relationship. When Ali fainted due to fatigue, it was Eloy who rushed her to the hospital. They even had a quick banter about his longganisa-smelling breath. When Eloy got wounded from a minor incident, Ali was quick to check on his injury.

The strong chemistry was explained when they realized their encounter as kids. Flashbacks revealed that the young Ali and Eloy met in the hospital. She caught him crying and told him to drink water so he will not get dehydrated.

The slow-mo moments signal a turning point in Eloy and Ali’s feelings for each other. And their denial just makes it more ‘kilig.’ There’s a scene where Lola Heart (Irma Adlawan) revealed that Eloy has a crush on a nurse named Ali, unaware that she’s talking to Ali herself. Eloy would blush in embarrassment but deny non-stop. It’s also adorable how Ali reported Eloy’s ‘misbehavior’ to Lola Heart, and got the latter’s support.

Also included in this list is Ali’s wacky reaction to the pregnancy rumors about her, and Eloy saying he might be her craving. In another scene, he got lost in her beauty when she came dolled-up for a party with Lolo Hugo.

The video ends with Eloy teaching Ali how to dance – in their pajamas, at night, looking as if they’re each other’s calm after a busy day.

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