10 times Lola Heart showed her love for Eloy in “2 Good 2 Be True”

When his mother died and his father was put in jail, Eloy (Daniel Padilla) found his home in Lola Heart (Irma Adlawan), the ‘grandmother’ with spunk and big love for him. Kapamilya Toplist rounds up 10 scenes showing Lola Heart and Eloy’s close relationship in the KathNiel series “2 Good 2 Be True.”

Lola Heart is the best caretaker. She makes sure to prepare Eloy’s breakfast before leaving for work in their barangay. And she doesn’t forget to cook special dishes that Eloy brings in his visit to his father, Fred (Romnick Sarmenta).

For some, opening up to grandmothers about crushes and romance is nothing but awkward. But for Eloy, his Lola Heart is supportive of his love life. She enjoys ribbing him about finding a girl to love. In a scene, when Eloy hinted at his brokenness, Lola Heart treated his wounded heart through words of wisdom. She explained that courtship means baring his pure intentions to the girl he likes, and that it’s okay to take it slow, “Ang importante, hindi basta-basta susuko.”

Lola Heart is a mother figure not just to Eloy but to his friends and everyone in need of care in “Purok Onse.” One time, she advised Red (Yves Flores) to avoid loan sharks. Apart from wanting to save Eloy from future problems, knowing the latter’s tendency to sacrifice for his friends, she also wanted to prevent Red from falling victim to the greedy moneylenders.

She senses if Eloy is in trouble or hiding secrets, which previously sparked a little conflict. Lola Heart felt unimportant when her grandson started to work on things behind her back. She said that even if she’s old, she senses Eloy’s thoughts because she raised him.

And because she raised him, she will do everything for him including gathering evidences to prove Fred’s innocence. “Noong iniwan ka sa akin ng tatay mo, ang sabi niya alagaan ka. Pero hindi lang basta alagaan kundi damayan ka. Damayan tayo, kampi-kampi,” she told Eloy. In turn, Eloy called her “Super Lola” and promised to campaign for her once she runs as Baranggay Captain.

Lola Heart is never selfish. She wants Eloy to grow and explore the world, while keeping him safe. She’s happy that Eloy is now more open to meeting new people and forming solid friendships like the one he shares with Red, Ays (Matt Evans), and Tox (Gillian Vicencio).

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