10 scenes that hint at Tox’s feelings for Eloy in “2 Good 2 Be True”

Rom-com fanatics love the story of a tomboyish girl who hates anything feminine until she catches feelings for a guy friend. Is this happening to Tox (Gillian Vicencio) and her friend Eloy (Daniel Padilla)? Let’s dissect the signs via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from the trending rom-com series 2 Good 2 Be True.

Sign number one: she’s worried about Eloy. When Eloy was shot in the shoulder as they head to escape after a heist they set up in a hotel, Tox failed to hide her concern over his safety. She cut the argument with Ays (Matt Evans) and Red (Yves Flores) to convince Eloy to have his wound checked, although the latter already said he’d be just fine.

We can’t blame Tox if she’s truly fallen in love with Eloy. How could a girl not turn soft toward a man that goes out of his way for her father? Tox is thankful and obviously ‘kilig’ how Eloy will do anything to help Mang Ben (Earl Ignacio) seek justice. In a scene at the hospital, she got emotional while thanking Eloy for his sacrifices, which helps take burdens off her chest. But apart from Eloy, she also acknowledged the help of Ays and Red in raising funds for Mang Ben’s hospital bills and getting even with Ms. Tara (Jenny Miller), the hotelier who ran over Mang Ben.

The problem is Nurse Ali (Kathryn Bernardo) emerged as a witness to the hotel robbery. Now Ali has become the latest subject of the gang’s deep dives. This ignites a little jealousy from Tox, who subtly declares Ali as bad news. And when the other two guys tease Eloy with Ali, Tox would react violently to the point that they assume she’s the one crushing on the nurse.

For Tox, Eloy is a cut above the rest, so she told Ays and Red to save Eloy from their bad influence. Deep down, she meant to stop teasing him with other girls

Tox knew her feelings are turning into something else when she starts to get attuned to Eloy’s emotions. She knows when he’s worried. And she would try her best to make him feel better. Her face lit up when he agreed to drive her and Mang Ben to the hospital for the latter’s consultation. Then, he raised his fist to signal their group’s hand gesture but she embraced him instead.

Tox felt the spike in good vibes when Eloy pulled her close while they were in the hospital hallway. Then again, she peeked over his shoulder and realized he's just trying to low-key glance at Ali.

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