10 scenes of Eloy and Ali in “2 Good 2 Be True” guaranteed to make you feel kilig

It’s been raining a lot these days, and thus the cold makes people feel a little more romantic. For some, it can evoke a feeling of loneliness and ‘sana all’ moments. But matter your love situation is, KathNiel is here to bring you extra feelings of warmth and happiness.

Kapamilya Toplist rounded up 10 kilig scenes of Eloy (Daniel Padilla) and Ali (Kathryn Bernardo) from 2 Good 2 Be True that are guaranteed to melt your hearts.

Starting off with the ‘kapkapan’ scene, Eloy and Ali added a dash of sensuality into this funny moment. Coming off their cat-and-dog dynamic, they were forced to work as a team at Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez)’s mansion. She was suspicious of him since day one, so she frisked his pockets upon his entrance at the mansion. With his daring stares, she moved her hands lower. She stopped, then doubled her ‘taray’ mode, as if saying she’s the boss between them. But looking at her reaction, we think it’s simply a strategy to deny his effect on her.

Well, Ali can deny all she wants, but her actions only match Eloy’s subtle ‘ligaw’ style. Case in point: that moment she hugged him. You wouldn’t be able to contain the feels as Ali rushed to Eloy and hugged him for bringing the ‘suman-yakap’ she promised Lolo Hugo and Helena (Gloria Diaz). More than the hug, it’s heart-melting to see him act as her savior each time. It wasn’t easy to look for the delicacy but Eloy made an effort to help Ali – things we do for love.

When Ali fainted due to fatigue, Eloy was there, quick like a knight in shining armour. He watched over her until everything is fine. Adding more cuteness to the scene is him softly blowing to her face to give her a little air. Then, she woke up and said she smelled longganisa from his breath. Lolo Hugo joined the banter. The trio was too cute for words!

Speaking of adorable, Eloy failed to control himself one time that he squeezed Ali’s cheeks because he can’t get enough of her cuteness. Well, he was as stunned when Ali appeared in a black dress, glammed up for a corporate dance party with Lolo Hugo. About that party, remember that he helped her prepare for it. When he saw her practicing alone, he played the music, moved an inch closer, and grabbed her by the hand and waist. Surprisingly, they just let themselves get carried away by each step. Their feelings are already swimming to the surface!

Aren’t late night conversations giveaways of two people’s mutual feelings for each other? There was a scene where Eloy and Ali talked via video call about everyone’s favorite topic, love. Then, he took a screenshot of her face covered with a skincare mask, stretching the banter a few seconds longer.

Of course, kiss scenes are guaranteed oxytocin-boosters, especially those that happen accidentally. In a scene, Eloy and Ali were packing things away after their picnic with Lolo Hugo when their lips accidentally and softly touched. We got all the more breathless when, in another scene, he gave her a sweet peck on the cheek before escaping the cops.

We end the video with the heartwarming scene of Ali low-key dedicating a message to Eloy through a radio program, knowing he’s listening. The DJ played “Kumpas” and viewers of the series were hit right in the feels.

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