This KathNiel moment in “2 Good 2 Be True” was voted most kilig by netizens

If kilig has a living form, it’s no other than KathNiel. The supreme loveteam of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla makes our hearts flutter with their subtle but sweet moments as Ali and Eloy, respectively, in the feel-good series 2 Good 2 Be True.

And since everyone can’t get enough of the feels, netizens had a good time picking their favorite kilig scene in a recent Kapamilya Poll. Here are the results after a week of voting!

Two percent of survey participants blushed over the picnic scene wherein Eloy took a sweet nap while leaning on Ali’s shoulder, with the sunset as backdrop, while 3% chalked up the butterflies to their twinning scene at the golf club.

From the soft moments above, the pair turned a little sensual – and funny – in the ‘kapkapan’ scene wherein she frisked his pockets upon entrance at Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez)’s mansion. With his daring stares, she moved her hands lower and thankfully gave up just before shippers run out of air. This scene got 5% of the total votes.

Another heart-stopping moment ranked next. The fake proposal scene where Eloy tripped over his foot and ended up kneeling while giving Ali her missing ring garnered 6%.

The ‘farewell kiss’ fared well, leaving 9% of respondents feeling breathless when Eloy gave Ali a soft peck on the cheek before he vanished to escape the cops. A goodbye kiss is one the most hurtful things to experience in real life, but in the case of the teleserye leads, we knew it was just a ‘hello’ to a sweeter connection.

The numbers leaped higher to a whopping 14% for the duo’s first hug when she thanked him for helping her find ‘sumang yakap’ for Lolo Hugo and Helena (Gloria Diaz). Now you’re probably looking for ‘sumang yakap’, because, who knows, you might get a hug from your special someone, too!

If you can’t find ‘sumang yakap’ in the market, you might have better luck with finding someone to slow dance with, like Eloy and Ali in the scene which received 17% of the total votes.

The ultimate kilig moment, specifically for the 44% of respondents, is Eloy and Ali’s accidental kiss. The survey proved once again that with KathNiel, even just a light and accidental brushing of their lips is enough to bring us to kilig haven. It’s called the KathNiel magic!

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