Reminisce with ReTox: How Red developed feelings for Tox

Being together growing up, it’s really inevitable for one to develop unrequited love for the other or for one to assume that the other has already fallen for him/her, when in fact there’s really none – and this was the case for Tox (Gillian Vicencio) and Red (Yves Flores)’s love story, which began because of a mere misunderstanding.

Those who followed their tale in 2 Good 2 Be True noticed first how Tox developed a crush on their other ‘tropa’ Eloy (Daniel Padilla), which wasn’t surprising at all since he’s handsome, loving, helpful, quick-witted, and madiskarte. Since she had feelings for him, she couldn’t help but get annoyed everytime Ali (Kathryn Bernardo)’s name was mentioned in their conversations, more so whenever she’d see her.

Unbeknown to her, Lola Heart (Irma Adlawan) observed this, so she confronted her. Not wanting to be exposed, Tox nervously denied her crush on Eloy and told Lola Heart that she was, instead, jealous of Red, who was then secretly listening to their conversation. Both Lola Heart and Red were shocked to hear it, thus she went on to say how much she appreciates his sweetness and sense of humor, which really pleased Red.

As Lola Heart continued to interrogate her about her reason to be jealous at him, she simply alibied, “Sabi po ni Red kasi na kapag nanligaw daw po si Eloy, manliligaw na rin daw po siya ng iba. Ayaw niya raw po kasing maging kulelat sa tropa e. ‘Ayun po, ouch po.”

Their other best friend Ays (Matt Evans) was also in disbelief of what he just heard, so Red recalled the moments when Tox seemed to show her special feelings for him, such as with the way she looked at him when he helped her out in dealing with one of the maids in Don Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez)’s residence and with how she made the effort to reserve sticks of isaw for them.

Red then relayed the news to Eloy when he visited him at the mansion, who found it absurd and unbelievable. As soon as he came back at Ays’ computer shop, Tox approached him to ask for an update about Eloy. But her words seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as he refused to give her any answer and continued eating turon. To further annoy her, Red even wiped his oily hand onto her face, which made her leave.

Unbeknown to her, it was actually Red and Ays plan in order for her to get turn off against him and stop whatever feelings she presumably had for him.

He went on with their ridiculous plan by coming to Ays’ shop wearing a putrid smell in pursuit of disappointing Tox. But they failed as it was only the customers who got affected, while she just ignored it and even invited him to sit beside her to play a game. Well, Tox was apparently already used with the way he smells.

And lastly, Red was able to immediately distinguish Tox’s voice when she called a radio station to deliver
her message to someone called “Papsikel” while he and Eloy were still in jail. Thus, he requested the police officer to turn up the volume for him to clearly hear it, much to the exasperation of their jail-mates. As Eloy was still asleep, Red intently listened to every word she said with kilig.

“Papsikel, suntok sa buwan na lang kung naririnig mo ‘to ngayon. Pero sorry ah, ‘di kita madalaw dyan. Basta lakasan mo lang ‘yong loob mo, dito lang kami para sa’yo. Hihintayin ka naming makauwi,” she expressed.

What started as a hilariously complicated story blossomed into romance. And we can’t wait to catch up with the ‘Papsikel’ and ‘Baby Girl’ tandem. Let’s watch the next chapter of ReTox via ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Made For YouTube special series “ReTox 2 Be Continued” streaming soon.