Missing ReTox? Catch the ‘feels’ all over again by watching their most memorable 2G2BT scenes

So many things have happened to us after watching 2 Good 2 Be True. A year later, we’re still obsessed with the characters, like the ReTox tandem of Yves Flores and Gillian Vicencio, and the scenes that made us soft and laugh out loud.

It has been a year since 2G2BT ended but ReTox has yet to leave our hearts. They are iconic, so much so everyone has been eagerly waiting for a continuation of their love story. Granting this wish, ABS-CBN Entertainment is producing a special Made For YouTube series titled “2 Be Continued,” featuring the next chapters of Red and Tox’s kilig tale.

As we anticipate their comeback, and just because we miss them so much, let us first relive the best ReTox scenes by watching this video: 

A happy welcome hug. The complicated story would spark off from that giddy, unexpected embrace that Tox gave Red as he came home from an overnight stay at the police station.

The almost kiss. They peeked out of the window at Daddy Ays (Matt Evan)’s computer shop to investigate his suspicious activities. Standing close to each other, their lips almost met, making the scene funny and awkward.

Random foodtrips. Since 2G2BT, ReTox is the first thing we remember whenever we spot an ‘isaw’ and ‘banana cue’ stall, right? Who didn’t feel butterflies when Tox got Red burnt banana cue because she remembered that it’s his favorite? Well, when you truly like someone, you remember even the little things they said.

Dozing off close to each other. They fell asleep on the computer tables and saw each other the moment they opened their eyes. She asked him to move further, as if scared to fall.

The fake relationship. The highlight of ReTox’s journey was when they pretended as lovers because Red wanted to save Tox from looking desperately jealous of Eloy and Ali (Kathryn Bernardo)’s blossoming romance.

A low-key confession. In front of their families, he confessed that he fell for her without warning. Though it was just a game, it doesn’t take a genius to notice the realness in the way he talked good things about her. 

Yakap na pang-mag-jowa. Enjoying their pretend relationship, Red embraced Tox to soothe her sadness over Eloy leaving for Bicol. Daddy Ays initiated a group hug but Red pushed him away, saying “pang mag-jowa lang ‘to.” Haha!

“Maghihintay ako.” When Tox struggled to move on from her special feelings for Eloy, Red promised to wait. Asked what he meant, he brushed it off and explained that he would wait until she feels better. We felt that, Red!

Tox revealed what she likes about Red. During a double date with Daddy Ays and his wife, Tox casually shared that Red makes her happy.

From ‘tropa’ to ‘baby girl.’ Tox missed Red badly when he left for his training at Horizon Grand. She got so pissed because Red wouldn’t reply to her text messages, unaware that he was just behind peeking at her phone. So, there was no way to escape when he caught her typing in her true feelings. That was when ReTox finally turned real.

Babalik pa rin sa inyo, ReTox!  Watch out for their comeback via “2 Be Continued,” which will stream via ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel very soon.

*Photo credit to Earl Ignacio