ReTox 2 Be Continued Ending

Everyone deserves a second chance and a happy ending. 

The first part (episodes 1 to 4) of “ReTox: 2 Be Continued,” a spinoff of the hugely successful 2022 KathNiel-starrer “2 Good 2 Be True,” revealed a major character from Tox (Gillian Vicencio)’s past and ushered in some conflict in her relationship with Red (Yves Flores), but not without the comedic elements sprinkled at the right moments to keep the good vibes going. 

Part 2 (episodes 5 to 8), on the other hand, takes a richer tone as the main couple, Red and Tox, discover what it means to take charge of their relationship when people and problems get in the mix. They are forced to navigate through the complexities of love, jealousy, and maturity. And apart from the ending that awaits ReTox, it also takes the audience on a fun guessing game trying to figure out the meaning of Mang Ben (Earl Ignacio)’s dreams. 

Episode 4 picks up right where it left off, with Tox and Red LQ-ing in the middle of their “Operation Iwas In Love” a. k. a. their mission to stop Ben and Teresa (Mercedes Cabral)’s possible reconciliation. Tox moves on her own by joining Jesse (Migo Valid)’s youth camp to extract evidence about Teresa’s alleged secret relationship. Jealous, Red signs up for the same organization and hard-launched their relationship, much to Tox’s dismay. 

Cue a major couple fight. Tox opens up to Jesse that Red makes her feel inferior because she’s not as romantic and showy as he is. She feels like people always leave her hanging, thus questioning herself. Meanwhile, Red also airs his frustrations to Beatrice (Kate Yalung), saying that Tox has become irritable, unlike the old times when she loved having him by her side at all times. 

ReTox has had viewers in a few worrisome moments as their relationship goes the wrong way every time. In the middle of their LQ, they catch their barangay chairman a.k.a. Kap meeting someone secretly. Tox grabs Jesse by the hand as they run after Kap. They bump into Red and Beatrice, and the former frowns upon the sight of Tox holding Jesse’s hand, which she quickly lets go of. 

But the LQ can wait. Tox wants to catch Kap and Teresa in the act, so she hurriedly opens the door, but only to find Kap with another girl. A barangay confrontation happens next, with Teresa shielding Tox from Kap’s offensive words. It turns out that Kap intentionally sends people wrong messages as his lame ‘palusot’ in case his wife suspects. 

However, no amount of explanation can seem to soften Tox’s heart for Teresa. Worse, her bitterness spreads over to her relationship with Red. 

“Tagay sa mga pusong sawi!” Mang Ben invites Red to drink away their heartbreaks. And you know, funny and ‘kilig’ things happen when rom-com characters get drunk! Tox puts Red to sleep and rummages through his laptop where he lists down all the romantic things he’s done and is planning to do for her. Red mumbles about breaking up, which Tox only ignores. She kisses him goodnight. 

The next morning, Tox panics when she opens the curtain to Mang Ben’s room and finds out that he slept with Teresa. Meanwhile, Red does not make a big deal of Mang Ben and Teresa’s romantic night and pushes through his surprise for Tox. He takes her to the tent adorned with balloon hearts, plays the music, and invites her to a dance ala Eloy (Daniel Padilla) and Ali (Kathryn Bernardo). 

But Tox isn’t in the mood for romance, deeply worried and frustrated about her father falling in love again with her estranged mother. The episode leaves us with a nerve-wracking cliffhanger: “Magbe-break na ‘ata ang ReTox!” 

Kilig, laughter, and tears accompany us in the penultimate episode as the walking green flag, Red, expresses his pain. He feels like Tox being the aloof girlfriend means her love is half-baked, that she only agreed to be his girlfriend because her original crush, Eloy, was already in love with Ali. That’s the reason why he copies Eloy’s moves. 

Mang Ben interrupts the aww-inducing conversation and asks ReTox to postpone their breakup. It’s June 13, the day he’s going to die,  according to the calendar he saw in his dreams. Mang Ben passes out. 

From the heart-pinching drama in the first sequence, the next one ushers in subtle hilarity. Red, Tox, and Teresa are forced to wear only black after Beatrice stained all their laundry clothes. Red prepares coffee and soup to make Mang Ben feel better. And everyone is in the mood for a speech. The ‘lamay’ vibe is too funny for words, especially after Red revealed that he tricked Mang Ben into taking water instead of alcohol last night. 

This couldn’t be a simple hangover, Tox thought. Is Mang Ben’s “premonition” coming true? Before anything else happens, Mang Ben requests for Tox to hear her mother out, leading to the much-awaited mother-daughter reconciliation.

Mang Ben and Teresa advise ReTox to never push away the people who only have their happiness in mind. Well, there’s nothing like our parents’ wisdom gleaned through experience, right? Mang Ben reminds Red to be patient with Tox, telling him that the reason Tox has built her walls so high is because of her fear of abandonment, rooted in unhealed pain from the past. 

So much feels in the finale episode – and we seriously still can’t recover from the kilig, heartwarming vibes that it gave us. ReTox are definitely meant 2 be! Be prepared to feel the butterflies over ReTox’s super-sweet kissing scene! 

Since the first episode, we couldn’t really see a clear ending to Mang Ben’s premonition. There have been times when we actually believe he’s going to die on June 13, at the same time, we’ve been so engrossed in solving the clues. In the final episode, Mang Ben’s dreaded day passes without anything bad happening to him. It’s nerve-wracking yet hilarious how they panicked when Beatrice announced that their clock is set 10 minutes ahead, causing Mang Ben to slip on the floor due to his intense emotions. 

The story jumps to a year later. June 13. The characters have kept us guessing as to what Mang Ben meant when said that it’s the big day and why he seems to be expressing his final wishes, especially for Tox to be independent. Of course, we already know there’d be no death scenes here. But the final scenes are delivered in a way that will keep viewers guessing – are ReTox going to get married? 

In the final sequence in a church, Red is shown waiting excitedly at the altar, then, the church door opens to reveal Tox looking radiant in a white dress. But Mang Ben walks past Red to catch a glimpse of Teresa in her wedding garb. 

As Mang Ben and Teresa walk to the altar, Red and Tox narrate in the background what they learned about love.  The series ends with ReTox facing each other happily, with voice-overs that hint at Red’s wish to propose to Tox. 

ReTox: 2 Be Continued” offers pure light-hearted sentimentality and ‘kilig’ without trivializing the personal burdens carried by the characters. Beneath the comedy is a string of slice-of-life moments and motivation.

As young adults, there are times when life really feels overwhelming, especially when current problems mix up with unhealed pain from the past. Tox’s character, specifically, reflects the trauma that a child can carry until adulthood. But there’s a line from Red that encapsulates one important reminder: “Tox, ang tatay ko, lasinggero, barumbado. Naging gano’n ba ako? Ang pino-point ko lang, eh, malayong-malayo tayo sa pagkakamali ng mga magulang natin. At least nakita natin ‘yung mga hindi natin dapat gayahin sa kanila.”

While there’s no identified ‘kontrabida’ in the 8-episode series (all good vibes here!), it makes us realize that sometimes our biggest enemies are our insecurities, self-doubts, and past traumas. And we can overcome these things, even little by little, through the help of our solid support system, like what Red is to Tox.  

Yves and Gillian have given us intense feels with their natural chemistry and acting skills. Their scenes together are just so pure and cute and funny and ‘kilig’. And they are great even in scenes that require a bit of drama. 

From the main up to the side characters, everyone is acted out perfectly, making their interactions a lot more engaging. Mercedes and Earl have served as a source of motivation to Yves and Gillian’s acting moments. Even the rookie actors introduced in the series have delivered well, and now we’re curious about them. We’ll definitely see more of Migo Valid as an actor (he’s a singer, ICYDK). We also can’t get enough of Kate’s refreshing beauty and promising talent. 

We think, and we’re saying it again, that the cherry on top for this mini-series is the scoring. Raise your hand if you’re also LSS-ed with Jeremy G and Kyle Echarri’s “Kahit Na Masungit,” which certainly helped lighten the mood of ReTox’s tender scenes.

We seriously can’t get over the happy vibes that “ReTox: 2 Be Continued” has brought us. Even netizens can’t recover!  Check out their reactions: 

Aren’t we all trying to manifest ReTox’s next project? 

In case you wish to re-watch the series, all episodes are available on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel