Margie and Kap Rosales’ love journey in “2 Good 2 Be True”

In the past four months, we’ve been ardently following the lives and love story of Eloy and Ali, played by reel-and-real-life sweethearts Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo in 2 Good 2 Be True. But as the narrative continues to unfold, we have also found ourselves hooked with the equally-interesting story arcs of other characters.

And one of those is the brewing romance between Margie, the doting and adorable mother of Ali portrayed by Gelli De Belen, and Captain Rafael Rosales, the stern yet friendly police officer who handles the case of Eloy played by Cris Villanueva. Let’s look back on their amusing and relatable love journey in this Kapamilya Update feature!

Avid viewers of this well-loved series would surely recall that their paths first crossed when Ali went to the precinct to present herself as witness for a crime she knew something about and Margie accompanied her. Not long after, they once again came face to face as she and her other daughter Pat (Bianca De Vera) reported about the harassment the latter experienced from a delivery rider.

Their initial encounters might be rocky and tumultuous, but they eventually became friends as Kap. Rosales began to frequently drop by their house to visit them for various reasons. And one time, he instantly became the model in one of Margie and Pat’s online live selling sessions as they presented polos and shirts for men. He even willingly gave an advice to one of the customers who was hesitant to purchase, by saying that he appreciates anything that his spouse would give him.

As Kap. Rosales gets closer to Pat, he offered to accompany her in a night out with friends in order to obtain Margie’s consent. Since both of them went, Pat’s friends mistook Kap as her dad, which ensued to awkwardness between Kap and Margie. And as a token of appreciation, Margie gave Kap a button-down shirt that he immediately wore for work.

Some of us highly value skin care routine especially at night. And apparently, Margie is willing to sacrifice it for Kap as she decided to set it aside for him. We were truly amused by how she hastily removed her sheet mask and fix herself upon finding out that it was him who came to visit them one evening.

Margie then couldn’t help but stare at Kap when he removed his polo after she accidentally spilled coffee on it. The same thing happened when he held her hands as a way of soothing her while getting hysterical after because of Ali. Once again, awkwardness shrouded them upon realizing that they’re holding hands.

For sure, many of us exclaimed “sana all” when Kap carried Margie to the bedroom as she fell asleep on the dining table while studying, more so when he invited her to go on a date “as friends”. And on the night of their date, he couldn’t help but get mesmerized by her beauty as soon as she stepped out of their door and greeted him while cladded in a powder blue dress, nicely styled hair, and bright smile.

While we found ourselves amused with how cute and awkward they were during their first friendly-date, we were both shocked and delighted when they had their “first kiss,” yet accidental, as they bade each other goodbye after their date. The two of them seemed to even have a slowmo moment ala-KathNiel that absolutely made us all kilig.

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