Majoy Apostol reminisces about how her acting journey started

Avid viewers of 2 Good 2 Be True surely loved her as Nurse Queenie, the ever-dependable best friend of Kathryn Bernardo’s character Ali. And you’re definitely going to love Majoy Apostol more in this episode of PUSH Bets Live as she opens up a bit about her personal life and her showbiz journey.

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, she was really was eyeing to have her own business. It didn’t ever cross her mind that she would become an artist since she was just a normal student when she was still in high school.

But life has its wonderful way of surprising her as a handler was able to scout her on Facebook and invited her to undergo a series of workshops in Manila. Despite coming from Bulacan, she took the leap of faith and went for it. Not long after, she was cast to play small roles and in her first-ever film “Birdshot,” which started it all for her and her journey as a Kapamilya at the same time.

Despite being a newbie and “Birdshot” as her debut project, Majoy has unbelievably already raked in several recognitions from her compelling portrayal in that critically-acclaimed indie movie. When asked about the preparations she does in every project given to her, she imparted that she scrupulously studies the script, internalizes her character, and never hesitates to ask the directors or anyone on the set whenever she has questions.

So far, she hasn’t turned down any project yet as the projects offered to her since she started around six years ago were all appropriate to her age and capabilities, to which she’s very much thankful. However, she imparted that she’s likely to decline if the next ones are going to be mature roles, as she assumes that those do not fit her yet because of her youthful façade.

With the success of her first project, Majoy feels more challenged rather than pressured. The praises and positive feedbacks she got from the viewers truly motivate her to do better in her next movies or series.

While she endeared us with her portrayal of Nurse Queenie, the bubbly and chatty best friend and collegues of Kathryn Bernardo’s character Ali in the well-loved series 2 Good 2 Be True, the 24-year-old actress revealed that she’s actually super quiet yet jolly in real life. During the onslaught of the pandemic, she disclosed that she ventured in clothing business and even did online live selling with the help of her family, but once film productions were allowed again, she’s now more focused on her lock-in tapings and other showbiz commitments.

Speaking of 2 Good 2 Be True, she confessed that she initially felt pressured since it’s a KathNiel project. She was too shy to interact with her castmates during the first two cycles of their lock-in taping, but that eventually eased out as she enjoyed working and hanging out with them.

She also talked about working for the trending Netflix film “Dollhouse,” which she co-starred with seasoned actor Baron Geisler. According to her, she was initially frightened since she’s working with the former matinee idol. Although she only got to work with him for a day, she described how it was a breeze because he’s so generous as an actor.

When asked about the most challenging role she’s ever done, she said that it would be “Birdshot” since aside from being her acting debut, she was surrounded by top-caliber thespians like John Arcilla, Arnold Reyes, and Manuel Aquino. She also recounted undergoing workshops opposite the dog that was also part of the movie and training how to handle guns.

With the overwhelming blessings that have come her way in the past years, Majoy still has goals that she aims to achieve. She told PUSH Bets Live, “To inspire people po and to help other people po, kasi every year po, may ginagawa kaming project, like every ‘ber-months’ or birthday ko po, may ginagawa po kaming charity [projects] para po sa mga bata rito sa Bulacan and sa church din po namin. So, ‘yon po ang goal ko ngayon, ‘yong mas ma-continue ko pa po kung ano po ‘yong nagagawa ko before until now.”

She has the same goal when it comes to her acting career, as she wishes to be able to inspire other people through her journey and the roles she’s going to portray.

Watch this video to hear straight from Majoy her inspiring and relatable journey and her experiences in the past projects that she did.