Kathryn vlogs 2G2BT BTS

It has been more than a week since 2 Good 2 Be True aired its finale episode and we’re still suffering from major sepanx. Apparently, we are not alone because the series’ lead actress Kathryn Bernardo herself is having the same nostalgic, bittersweet feelings. As her way of coping, she has been sharing a lot of tearjerker 2G2BT things on social media like farewell letters and this vlog:



The video uploaded on her YouTube channel is like a scrapbook of their behind-the-scenes photos and clips from their first to last day of filming. Solid memories! 

During rest days, they would enjoy their time together by pigging out and having their videoke sessions. Even the actors who belong to different units have grown close, thanks to their weekly gatherings organized by Kathryn herself with the help of Alyssa Muhlach. Even the veterans would join the younger stars in dancing and singing. 

Kathryn would also invite the girls for a fitness session and sometimes for a fun chitchat. The cast had treated the production staff as friends as well, keeping work extra enjoyable. 

If you’re a true-blue ‘Ka-Truepa,’ some of the BTS shots would feel familiar.  There are photos and clips from Margie (Gelli de Belen) and Kap (Cris Villanueva)’s wedding,  the Horizon Grand stockholders' night, scenes at the mansion and Fajardo residence, as well as Ali, Eloy (Daniel Padilla), and Lolo Sir (Ronaldo Valdez)’s picnic date. 

A clip from Direktor Mae Cruz-Alviar’s interview was inserted in this vlog episode, wherein she talked about their vision to provide a show that will help viewers get through the hard times and make filming a fun experience for the whole team. Kathryn also had her ‘vlogger’ moments in the video, touring us inside the Fajardo home on their last day. 

Then, the mood turns a little more emo as photos and farewell clips from their final taping days roll toward the end of the video. But it will make you smile just the same.  So, if you’re looking for medicine to make your 2G2BT heart feel better, you’ve come to the right place.