ReTox How Tos of Love Yves & Gillian

Relationships are mostly trial-and-error. Because, hey, how do we make this complicated but amazing thing called love work?

Well, for that, we usually get pieces of advice from people with lessons gleaned from experiences.

In this video, Yves Flores and Gillian Vicencio, known by their ‘ship’ name ReTox, the characters they played in the hit series “2 Good 2 Be True,” share the most spot-on tips on “how” to navigate the trickiest parts and scenarios of romance.

Here are the how-tos of love according to Yves and Gillian (who are back with a mini-series, by the way!)

How to say sorry after a fight?

Gillian is not scared to make the first move to apologize after a fight, so long as the other person is also open to communicate. So, the tip is to wait for the perfect moment when emotions have simmered down, and then share your concerns, not accusations. “Sasabihin ko lang na, ‘Ito ‘yung nararamdaman ko. Naiintindihan kita, and I’m sorry.’”


How to surprise a special someone?

Finding out your partner’s love language can make a difference, according to Gillian.  You may also think of a gift or a place that he/she really likes, Yves advised. Be unpredictable.


How to show trust?

Allow your partner to enjoy and go out with his/her friends. “Kasi may sarili kang buhay,” as Gillian puts it. Don’t keep on pestering them by asking where they are or who are they with.


How to express love?

It’s the little things, according to Yves, who suggests giving your partner a massage or cooking for them on random days. Meanwhile, Gillian’s tip is to be all-out in terms of acts of service and words of affirmation.


How to express jealousy?

Sometimes, being quiet can say a lot.

Aww! We definitely missed our Papsikel and Bebe Girl. And like an answered prayer for all ReTox shippers, the tandem is back with a special Made For YouTube series by ABS-CBN Entertainment. Titled “ReTox: 2 Be Continued,” the series will serve us with major updates, ‘kilig’ moments, drama and everything in between from the unexpected love story of Red and Tox.

Check out the full trailer:

Watch the Part 1 of the series on August 1 to 4, and Part 2 on August 8 to 11, at 6 PM, on ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel.