Behind-the-scenes: Kathryn Bernardo and Ronaldo Valdez as 2 Good 2 Be True's 'goofy duo'

The bond between Kathryn Bernardo and veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez is just too adorable!

The two play bubbly nurse-slash-assistant Ali and callous businessman Lolo Hugo in the rom-com series “2 Good 2 Be True.” Lolo Hugo hired Ali as a personal assistant in his mansion where they’d also get to know Eloy (Daniel Padilla), the new auto mechanic.

Although Ali and Lolo Hugo’s employee-boss dynamics appear strict on TV, their off-cam relationship is the total opposite. They love food trips, making TikTok videos, and cuddling with the dogs on set. Ronaldo, or Tito Ron to everyone, is Kathryn’s grandpa figure in their taping bubble. Check out more of their cute bonding moments in these behind-the-scenes photos from 2 Good 2 Be True.”

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Whenever asked about working with the veteran actor, Kathryn’s answers are consistent. She says it's a dream come true, and that he’s their only pick for the role when the story was pitched to them. “It’s such a privilege working with him in this project… Being able to do this show is one of the highlights of my 2021,” she wrote as caption.

And having these photos with her “favorite actor” is definitely an “achievement unlocked!”

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Like any artist out there, Kathryn finds working with screen veterans an exciting territory. Not only does she learn about her craft, but she also observes how to live life to the fullest.

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So, what are her takeaways from him about aging gracefully? She said exercise, a healthy diet, avoiding stress, and laughing more often are the basics. And, as she witnessed from him, giving in to your sweet tooth can make you happy.

Kathryn and Tito Ron defy assumptions that younger stars are intimidated by the senior ones. Their short reels serve as proof!



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He describes the two of them as the “goofy duo.”



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When Kathryn celebrated her birthday in the taping bubble, it was Tito Ron who held the birthday cake for her. Awww.

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